Gipsy Rock and Leeden Tor

This wasn’t supposed to be the walk today, I had grand plans of driving into Cornwall and heading up to the highest point of that county, Brown Willy (stop laughing, it is called that). We had walked up High Willhays the last time out, and it would have been a nice symmetry to scale Brown Willy as well. However Monday morning came and I sat, the boys played with their Lego or on their phones and I couldn’t be bothered to move. The weather was forecast to get wetter as the day went on, and by lunchtime I’d canned the idea of Cornwall and instead headed off to a well walked area, to head down a road I’d never trod before. The walk started out ok, but on reaching the part where we should join a grassy path through walls and around a farm, we hit cows and their calves. I took the safe route, over a gate we shouldn’t have crossed, but then again I figured the farmer put the cows there and I wasn’t going to disturb them. After a bit of faffing we got on the right path and headed the right way to Gypsy Rock. Now this one isn’t a highlight on my list, infact if there were only two tors on my list then this one would be third. its that bad. Just bag it and move on. the walk along the railway path was superb and you have fine views over to Pew Tor and beyond. However the rain was definitely coming and we shortened the walk to Ingra Tor and instead just scaled Leeden Tor and back to the car. A minute after leaving the car park the heavens opened, heavily as well. Good timing and a nice little walk which could very easily be lengthened.

Start – Sharpitor parking
Route – Gypsy Rock – Plymouth to Princetown railway – Leeden Tor – Sharpitor parking
Distance – 3 miles    Start time – 2pm    Time taken – 2hrs   Highest Point – Leeden Tor 390metres
Weather – Grey skies, humid

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Starting out and the tors around Cox Tor are visible

Cox Tor, the Staple Tors and Great Mis Tor in view as we walk towards Gypsy Rock

Walkhampton Church in prominent, Horrabridge behind the church

Peek Hill in the distance as we look back along the grassy lane, we have circumnavigated the bovine fiends and are now on track for Gypsy Rock

Some pretty grim clouds ahead as we head for Gypsy Rock

I have the feeling that this wasn’t worth the meagre effort. Still its a tick on the list and one I can easily add to longer walks in the future

At this time of year Gypsy Rock is deep, deep, deep undercover on the left here

You can see Walkhampton Church from here though. There is a gate left of this view which gives a fine outlook of this vista.

Along the road further the tors around Pew Tor come into view

We’ve left the road now having crossed the cattle grid, and we are climbing the short distance to the railway track path. That’s Kit Hill in the distance

On the railway path now, Great Mis Tor is dead ahead

Looking back to Kit Hill and the clouds seem to be gathering

I haven’t a clue what they are doing here, dancing maybe!! We are supposed to be heading to Leeden Tor which is above the track in the distance. Ingra Tor is off to the left

Climbing through the bracken with Ingra Tor being the nearest tor. Cox Tor and the Staple Tors behind

The wiggly railway path

Leeden Tor with South Hessary Tor away to the right. The Princetown mast is left of the Leeden Tor rocks, I have good intel that the Dartmoor distillery is being built in Princetown and the diggers are onsite. Dartmoor whisky is a step nearer.

Erm it doesn’t look good over there. Which is the way we are going. The boys have smelt the rain and are heading towards the car already!! That’s Sharpitor and Leather Tor over there

Cornwall and Kit Hill are getting a soaking now as well

I’ve followed the boys and I’m looking back at Leeden Tor, with North Hessary Tor to the right with the mast. Great Mis Tor is peeking up to the left of Leeden Tor

The car is down there and I get this photo of the boys with Shapitor and Leather behind them. Our next walk will be in the Lake District as we are away in August. Can’t wait.


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