Gutter Tor and Ditsworthy Warren

Another short walk for me and the boys to ensure a bit of exercise on an otherwise lazy day. We had watched the lunchtime football, preceded by a trip to the field across the road to pick some blackberries, but around that we either lazed in front of the box or scrolled through our phones. So a plan was hatched to have a late afternoon walk, not too far away, but somewhere we hadn’t been to for a while. Gutter Tor was the idea and although this is only a couple of miles of easy walking there is plenty to see and the views aren’t too bad either. The weather was scorchio, with the sun beating down like a hot summer’s day, which meant the flies were out in force, on their last hurrah before winter sets in. Crane flies and some small flies, they were everywhere, thousands of them, on tors, gorse, walls and grass. They were all out and in force. We therefore kept moving, stopping only for a quick drink before retreating to the car. Its a good little walk this one, but when you look around the area you will want to extend it as there is so much to see around here.

Start – Gutter Tor parking
Route – Gutter TorDitsworthy Warren HouseEastern TorWhittenknowles Rocks – Gutter Tor parking/Scout Hut
Distance – 2miles    Start time – 3.10pm    Time taken – 1hr   Highest Point – Gutter Tor 350metres
Weather – Sunny and very warm

© Crown copyright 2019 Ordnance Survey FL 2019 SF

Starting out looking towards Lee Moor

Looking back to Sheeps Tor left with Sharpitor and Leather Tor right

In the trees is the Scout Hut, with Eylesbarrow behind. as we start the climb to Gutter Tor

Gutter Tor summit, we stayed here for about 0.5 seconds. The flies were everywhere, and wanting to get into places that I wasn’t keen on. You can see a batch of them on the right of the photo, but you had to be there to appreciate the numbers.

Gutter Tor, looking down and across to Lee Moor with Hen Tor the pointy tor on the hillside opposite

Running down the hill, we head back to the track that takes us to Ditsworthy Warren House

Turning right I see the Trowlesworthy Tors

On the path to Ditsworthy

The Warren House, the film, War Horse was shot around here, now its just a landmark which is privately owned

Just up from Ditsworthy Warren House is Eastern Tor, or this is the start of it. Again the Trowlesworthy Tors stick up to the south.

Eastern Tor, with Gutter Tor on the left, then Sheeps Tor, Then Peek Hill, Sharpitor and Leather Tor

As you contour around towards the Whittenknowles Rocks you pass an outcrop which is still part of Eastern Tor and gives a fine view into the Plym Valley and the area around Drizzlecombe

The vast clitter of Whittenknowles Rocks. Lee Moor at the back

Heading down towards the trees which surround the scout hut

Sheeps Tor left and Leather Tor right just peeking up

Gutter Tor

A walk in fine weather as we head back to the car. These two are willing walkers and great company for me and I hope as they grow up further, that, that doesn’t change.


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