A walk from home to Wembury

If I’m honest it took me a while to get out the door and walk during lockdown week 1. This is one of a few nice walks that I can easily do from the house but I just didn’t have the want to walk straight away feeling. I stayed in and did my bit instead. Eventually cabin fever hits hard and you need to get out and see some blue sky. Now I’m not one to complain about nice weather, but why the hell now. We’ve had day after day of blue skies and perfect sunsets, for over a week now I’ve woken to sunshine on the curtains, talk about poor timing. Or is it good timing, the ability to sit out in the garden for a bit at the moment is very important. Anyway I diverge, the walk is a simple one, a few hundred metres up the road, turn left across farmers fields, to the edge of Wembury, loop right past Langdon Court and more fields to the edge of Staddiscombe and back home. About 4 miles and easy peasy to get around.

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I’ve been walking a couple of minutes, as I look back at Dartmoor, which is in sight at the back

Across the farmers fields

The two towers far right are the masts at Staddon Heights, lots of pics of these on walks to come no doubt as they are in view all around this area

A week or so and this will be a fine yellow mass of colour

Dartmoor again, Western Beacon is furthest right and the high point which the arrow seems to be pointing at is Lee Moor

Lots of tors, Cox Tor is on the left, the Staple Tors next to that, Great Mis Tor and the highest looking point, centre right, is North Hessary Tor with the Princetown mast on top

Within a mile and a bit from my house the sea comes into view

Life Goes On, as Noah and the Whale once sang about

I’m on the edge of Wembury now, the sea is still in sight but I’ve cut off again across more fields towards Langdon Court

Bit of zoom from the last photo picks out the Eddystone Lighthouse, about 12 miles out from here and a warning against the rocks below it. This is the 4th lighthouse built there, the first was built in 1699. Both the first and second were destroyed in storms. Then came John Smeaton and his Smeaton’s Tower which was a different design for a lighthouse and stands in his memory now on Plymouth Hoe, after the rocks it stood on undermined the structure. The base of Smeaton’s Tower is still in situ, the stub to the right of the lighthouse, showing how strong Smeaton’s design was.

Clouds and blue sky

Wembury on the left and the church which is beside Wembury beach

Looking to Langdon Court

And back at Wembury

More yellow in the rape seed fields

Rame Head in view to the right at the exit of Plymouth Sound, the English Channel beyond

The path is obvious but the eye is drawn to Dartmoor in the distance

Green fields and blue skies

Nearing the road back home and this lovely valley view opens up. Again Rame Head in the distance across the water

One of the defences of Fort Staddon Heights, a pill box which defended a cross roads near to the fort.

Back into civilisation, houses and people


5 thoughts on “A walk from home to Wembury

  1. A very long time since I’ve walked there. I used to talk to old folk who remembered the church getting bombed in the war, I believe by a Luftwaffe plane ditching its bombs rather than deliberately. Wembury used to be the home of Vera Barber, a great champion of rambling and footpaths, an old friend of mine, who died not all that long ago in her nineties.

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  2. I think if we’d had the pandemic and the storms together it would have been horrendous, so I’m all for blue skies and sunshine, even if it a bit frustrating. This looks a good leg-stretcher. We’re lucky to have open spaces on out doorsteps, I can’t imagine what it must be like to be stuck in a flat in an inner city.

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  3. Yeah, it’s 50:50 feeling, frustrating that we can’t enjoy the outdoors as we’d usually do, but better than being stuck inside watching it rain. It’s just a matter of adjusting to a new temporary way of life and making the best of things for now. Yesterday I took my daily bike and added in a visit to the local butchers to pick up the meat for the week.

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