Coleton Fishacre

This is a place that I walked through on fantastic coastal walk to Man Sands from Kingswear. This was a revisit to have a look at what was up the hill from the coastal path and keep using the National Trust card during these times. I was impressed at gardens and paths that criss-crossed the grounds with a fine looking house at the top. The cafe was ok as well and made for a fine hour or so at another National Trust property. I’m doing my best to support the local National Trust properties and car parks to ensure they stay in business and look after the many square miles of land, coastal path and houses in the south west. This one is a tricky one to get to but is worth the trip to walk down to Pudcombe Cove and the fine views.

Coleton Fishacre house, not open at the moment but its a fine looking building with an Art Deco interior

As you can get on the south coast of Devon and Cornwall, there are plenty of tropical plants in the gardens, including banana trees and plenty of bamboo

The Mew Stone comes into view across Pudcombe Cove

Out at the point now. The coastal path is down there and runs behind that hedge. The water is sparkling, the Mewstone stands proud and even Start Point is visible in the distance

Pudcombe Cove

Ponds, banana trees and bamboo abound in the gardens here

A lovely house atop of the hill. A nice little walk, nothing too strenuous, but you can easily do part of the coastal path from here, I’d certainly recommend the part down towards the Mew Stone


4 thoughts on “Coleton Fishacre

    • The cornish one (Heligan Gardens) is one I’ve been to a couple of times and is very impressive, my next post is a walk near to there, this one in Devon is a bit smaller and has the advantage of the sea right next to it for those sea views.

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