A Grasmere loop

This is one of our regular walks when we come to the Lake District, and one we rarely change. We really ought to include Rydal Water in the loop and walk back via the coffin route and make a bit more of it. However today the weather was a bit gloomy, cloud was down and a bit of damp drizzle in the air. That said the area is lovely and whilst sunshine makes it glorious here, its a perfect walk in this weather. This walk included the whole family, my auntie, uncle and cousin had come up from St Helens for the weekend, which allowed for some evening frivolity and some football the next day on the Sunday (Utd vs Liverpool) which we very much enjoyed. This walk however was at a leisurely pace after some fine pancakes at Emma’s Dell in the village, with some fine company and conversation.

Before the drive down to Grasmere, the day before we had set off at 4am on the long drive north from Plymouth. The house we were renting was available from 4pm so had time to bimble about in Keswick, have some lunch and head down to Friars Crag to stretch our legs. The sun was shining at times and the views today across to Catbells were superb
And along Derwent Water as well towards Borrowdale
Now to Grasmere the next day. We’d refreshed ourselves with coffee and pancakes in the village over there first, before setting out along Red Bank Road, you get plenty of views down to the lake whilst walking the road as you can see the cloud is down on the fells at the back
Red Bank Road
Nab Scar is under the clouds across the lake on the left, and part of Loughrigg Fell on the right
Loughrigg Terrace and the now brown bracken as we head through the woodland to the beach section of the lake
Normally the view here is to Helm Crag, Seat Sandal and Dunmail Raise
Instead of the view you’ll have to do with a pic of us!
The weir and some ducks, one of which is starting a climb up the centre of the weir
Some nice colours in the woodlands as we head to the road back to Grasmere
There had been a few runners heading past us on our circuit of the lake, this was the reason why. A Biathlon (think its biathlon, two events, one bike one run), the finish was here in Grasmere
The was barely any movement in the River Rothay in Grasmere, a few days from now it would be racing through here after lots of rain. Still for now we’d enjoyed a walk and headed back to Keswick for some food and drinks.

6 thoughts on “A Grasmere loop

  1. Grasmere is a beautiful spot if a little over-run with tourists and outlets looking to remove money from their accounts for my taste – I know, that makes me a grumpy old git!


  2. Grasmere is lovely. Think I’ve only visited in the Summer though. If you were in Keswick did you see the new trading post shop Conquer the Lake District? It specialises in patches and stickers to show you have been up various fells etc. It was unfortunately shut when I visited on a Monday!

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