Kennon Hill, Cosdon Hill and a closed pub at Wonson

A walk of two halves this one, the first on Dartmoor proper, tors, hills and boggy ground (which is prevalent in this area). The second half is around the lanes of north eastern Dartmoor, picking off the Dartmoor 365 squares. The weather was lovely all the way through, sunshine and a chilling breeze, which made for good walking. The summit of Cosdon Hill is always a lovely place, especially in good weather, the views are 360 and different in every direction, to the south is rolling moorland and hills, west is high tors, north the fields running to the ocean and east has a mix of hills and green fields. One of the best spots on the moor for me (here). The lane walking was very good, progress was quick and the villages of Providence Place and Throwleigh were excellent, but it was the weather that made the walk, lots of sunshine, some lovely clouds but cool enough to make walking pleasant. The only down to the walk was the pub at Wonson which I had pencilled in for a pint but was shut when I got there, and the opening hours seem very specific and aimed at the locals. As the Dartmoor 365 book says the pub itself would probably do better in Throwleigh or Gidleigh as the hamlet of Wonson is a bit small, still it was a shame not to support this local business. Next time maybe

Start – Shilstone parking

Route – Shilstone Tor – Kennon Hill – Whit Moor Stone Circle – Little Hound Tor – Cosdon Hill – Foxes Holt – Nine Stones –East Week – East Ash – Torhill – Waye Cross – Providence Place – Wonson – Throwleigh – Higher Shilstone

Distance – 12.5 miles    Start time – 10am   Time taken – 5hrs 45mins  Highest Point – Cosdon Hill 550 metres

Weather – Lovely and sunny, warm in the sun, chilly in the breeze

© Crown copyright 2021 Ordnance Survey FL 2021 SF
Straight out of the car and this Small Copper butterfly was sat on the granite basking in some early sun and warmth
Shilstone Tor, some misty/hazy views to the south
The bump left centre is Kes Tor, lovely clouds in the sky and some blue stuff
Cosdon Hill as I head over Throwleigh Common, that’s Raybarrow Pool in the depression, not a place to mess with
It was glorious this morning as I headed around towards Kennon Hill. The views south had a lovely haze around the hills of Easdon Tor and Meldon Hill providing layers to the hills
East Devon fields. There’s a dip right in the centre of this photo which is the Teign Valley at Castle Drogo, the high ground to the right includes Butterdon Hill, Hingston Rocks and Pepperdon Down, I’m climbing Kennon Hill at this point
Kennon Hill summit cairn, remade by me. The high point at the back is Hangingstone Hill, right of that is Steeperton Tor
After negotiating a few cows I arrived at Whit Moor Stone Circle. The roof of Devon is at the back with High Willahys left and Yes Tor right, further right is West Mill Tor
Taw Marsh and the Belstone Tor ridge
I managed to get down out of the chilly breeze and had a brew here looking out across Metheral Hill and on over Oke Tor to Dartmoor’s highest points
Hound Tor left, with Wild Tor and Hangingstone Hill in a line behind it, and Steeperton Tor right. I’m sat on Little Hound Tor here, the bigger rocks are slightly off the path to the west of the high point
Its a short easy walk uphill to Cosdon Hill from my last photo, the summit is 360views and every way is superb
I’m dropping down to Foxes Holt to pick up the first of 5 Dartmoor 365 squares today. The village ahead is South Zeal, East Devon spreads away beyond
The standing stone at Foxes Holt
Looking south as I traverse the side of Cosdon Hill, the walled fields are ahead which hold a spot called Nine Stones on the OS map, I’m heading there to pick up a path to the lanes around Throwleigh
Week Cross, I’m heading left to East Week
Meldon Hill is the darker hill in the centre, Easdon Tor back left and Hameldown Back right, some lovely views across the fields here
Cosdon Hill, it was getting warm walking in these lanes
Tree tunnel on the way to East Ash
East Ash, large farm houses and Manor houses in a small hamlet
East Ash Cross, I’m heading to Torhill next
Some of the best views of Dartmoor proper is from the lanes around its edge, I’m heading down to Way Down Cross next
And here it is, Way Down Cross with a large ugly
I’m walking through that dip next, in the trees is the brilliantly named Providence Place, before I climb to Wonson
A large oak at the crossroads in Wonson, I’m heading right towards the pub next
The Northmore Arms
Probably one of the strangest opening times for a pub I’ve seen, closed on a Saturday?!! As it says in the Dartmoor 365 book, both nearby Gidleigh and Throwleigh would probably suit a pub more as Wonson is tiny. No pint for me today being as it is Sunday at about 3pm
A short walk and I reach Throwleigh and the cross in the village
And the picturesque church , plenty of thatched cottages here, I head left and up a long pull to Higher Shilstone next, which seemed to go on forever
Higher Shilstone, up the hill to the right for 100 metres or so and I’m at the car
Final one of the day across to Kes Tor, a fabulous walking day, the bracken is turning brown nicely providing some nice colours although the trees are a bit later with their colour switch

7 thoughts on “Kennon Hill, Cosdon Hill and a closed pub at Wonson

  1. Often used to do a similar route – very fond of Cosdon, not least cos I persuaded the OS to call it by its proper name on the map, many years ago.

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  2. So that’s what the view from Cosdon Hill is like! A slightly nicer day than when I was up there.🤣
    Looks very similar style of walk to one we did at the weekend, open moorland to start and lanes to finish. Makes a nice combination even if the pub was shut!

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    • Got to say I’ve enjoyed walking the lanes on all sides of Dartmoor more than walking the actual moorland parts, I figured mixing the two together would give me a nice route and get me back into a bit of hill walking before I headed to the Lakes

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