The title says it all, nothing more than this location. The walk is an easy one, no more than a mile but between Christmas and New Year its sometimes all you need, just to get out for a bit of fresh air. This bimble bookended, nicely, the walk around Clearbrook, two days before. Being the end of my time with the boys before I took them home. This is a good walk, especially if you extend it to Heybrook Bay, but today we just needed to get some air and see some waves and feel the wind. For that there is nothing better in Plymouth than this beach at Wembury.

From the car park (National trust) you can see the Mewstone and the state of the waves
The tide was in when we arrived (high tide was about 30 mins ago on this photo) so the beach is fairly quiet but we are setting off on a short walk and not heading on the beach. That’s the church of St Werburgh’s above
This is obviously part of the south west coastal path and that is the Mewstone
Gara Point over there beyond the foaming waves
I’d stopped taking photos as we hit a section of path that was very muddy and too slippy, we instead dropped to the beach below and walked over the rocks as the tide retreated
A strange yellow glow above the Mewstone
Waves a crashing
Us in the twixmas period, keep forgetting to say that I’m missing a tooth. Never had the one that should be in the gap, baby tooth fell out when I was young and nothing appeared. My brother is the same.
Back at Wembury beach, yep surfers are going in and plenty had been out already, swimmers too. Love the fact that people here don’t arse around and get on with it. There hasn’t been an increase here in this type of activity. If you are in it at Wembury, then you have been in it for a while.
The Old Mill cafe at Wembury, a National Trust cafe and spot. It took a while to be served here but this place deserves to be open, far more than those fancy houses inland for me. I know its about revenue for the trust, but this is where they should be conserving. The coastal areas need protecting far more urgently than a parkland. The hot choc was still decent though and we sat here and watched the waves before the boys disappeared into the car to their phones away from the rain that had started. A fine little walk and a good period of time spent with the boys.

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