Bovisand beach walk

I’ll be honest I’m not sure why I walked from home on this day, I just did. It might of been the lack of gumption to drive to somewhere else, either way I have a few good options on the doorstep and I took advantage of one of them for a decent walk which takes very little time. On the way down to Bovisand beach I took a slightly different way to the beach via Down Thomas, which was different from the normal path which heads straight down to the beach past Bovisand Lodge. Apart from the slight diversion the walk was over familiar ground with decent views even in these mainly cloudy conditions.

Start – Home

Route – Staddiscombe – Down Thomas – Bovisands – South West Coastal Path – Staddon Heights – Barn Farm – Staddiscombe

Distance – 6 miles    Start time – 1pm   Time taken – 2hrs 30mins  Highest Point – Staddon Heights 115m

Weather – Bit of sun, lots of cloud

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On a lot of walks from home this is a normal first picture for me, back down the windy road up to the old Staddiscombe village
Old war Pil box on the right and Dartmoor in the distance
Some lovely sky, with Rame Head in the distance
Straight path up through the fields, I have an older photo from this spot where the path divides a field full of yellow rape seed
From the top of the path, old Staddiscombe village on the right and Dartmoor at the back
Now this is a special spot for us Fosters, this is the Plymouth Sound caravan park at Down Thomas. this was where my dad stayed in the caravan for a few weeks, starting his job at Plymouth City Council before we joined him from St Helens in Easter 1989. We stayed here before moving into our new house. That’s the Staddon Heights masts in the distance
Walking down to Bovisand beach, along the lane from the caravan park. The Plymouth breakwater is in view as is Cornwall across Plymouth Sound
Rame Head and Plymouth Breakwater
Bovisand Beach
I’ve rounded the beach and climbed up to the coastal path around Staddon Heights, you can see the lane I walked down on the hill opposite
Fort Bovisand down there and the breakwater and Cornwall out there!
Plymouth Sound, Drake’s Island and the entrance to the River Tamar to the left of the island
Lots of defences here as a result of many wars, starting in the 1800s
A bit of cloud starts to glow in the mid afternoon beyond the Breakwater
Drake’s Island through the trees
Walking back along the road from Staddon Heights you get views to the sea, the dip and crease in the land holds Bovisand Beach
One last look over to Dartmoor (Lee Moor to be exact) as I reach the old Staddiscombe village again, a nice and simple walk today. No difficult navigation to a parking spot just a simple walk from home. perfect for today

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