Par to Porthpean

After three walks in a row on Dartmoor it was back to the coastal path, specifically the south Cornwall area around St Austell. I’d previously walked around Gribben Head from Fowey to Par Sands and the other side I’d walked from Porthpean to Pentewan. This walk joins those two sections together through the town of Charlestown. The walk start in the town of Par, following the road around the clay works and docks before reaching the coast at Carlyon Bay, the path along here is a good one through the golf course to Charlestown. After here the coastal path has been temporarily closed due to a landslip. The council have been speaking to landowners and the hope is to have the path reopened by summer 2022. For now its a long slog up a hill inland and around the back of Duporth before returning back to the coast at Carrickowel Point. As I had already walked beyond Lower Porthpean, on reaching that point I turned and retraced my steps along the road back to Charlestown before heading inland. The paths back were good, again passing the golf course before a long loop to Par. this is a good walk which would be improved further by the reopening of the coastal path from Charlestown.

Start – Par

Route – South West Coastal Path – Spit Point – Carlyon Bay Golf Course – Charlestown Lookout Station – Charlestown – Duporth – Lower Porthpean – Charlestown – Carlyon Bay – Biscovery – Par

Distance – 10 miles    Start time – 9.45am   Time taken – 4hrs 45mins  Highest Point – Porthpean 82m

Weather – Sunny, breezy and one heavy shower

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The start point for todays walk, previously (on the walk from Fowey) I had come out of the lane by the black van over there before heading in the direction I am looking
There are a few railway bridges and lines around here, which feed the clay into the works to the right here
Imery’s clay works plant at Par
After walking the road and alongside a railway for a bit you cross this bridge which takes you down to the coast proper
St Austell Bay out to the left, the golf course of Carlyon Bay on the right, Black Head out to the left
Across the bay to Gribben Head
Sun, sea and sand at Carlyon Bay
There was a keen breeze blowing in the waves, but it was nice walking along here
Looking inland towards the clay pits behind St Austell
The main beach at Carlyon Bay, there a big car park right of here and the Carlyon Bay hotel is behind that
Spring is a springing
Coastguard lookout station at Charlestown, Black Head off to the left
Charlestown, or the entrance to the harbour at least, note the size of the gap of the entrance, only small boats could get in here
Apparently if you watched Poldark you may recognise parts of Charlestown which was used as a film location. I didn’t but its a nice spot, had a quick coffee in the pub over there.
Looks like a high wall on the harbour, the waves were still rolling around the curve and over the top of that wall at times! The coastal path rises up on that slope on the left, however there is currently a fence blocking the route due to a landslip half was to Porthpean. The idea is to open it before the summer. I had to head past the pub along a road walk instead
Turning left here down to Porthpean
That’s Porthpean down there, I realised at this point that I didn’t need to descend as I’d walked this path previously. So it was about turn and back up the hill
The signs give some explanation and the detour
Back in Charlestown now and walking up the road, I’d tried to path a marked path that cut the corner of this road section but I gave up and took the road instead.
The road took me past this fine church however
And close to the railway line, this bit is between Par and St Austell stations
Back at Carlyon Bay golf course but a bit further inland
The road under the railway as I forge a route back towards Par
Lovely views across St Austell bay from up here as well, Black Head and Chapel Point (behind) in view
This fella was very patient with me as I changed lenses to get a decent photo
Gribben Head from the path out of Biscovery
Last one now, looking inland this time towards the back end of Par/St Blazey area. A good walk this one but one of you are doing the coastal path that you will use to stock up on previsions in Par or Charlestown before moving on as it won’t stick long in the memory

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