Western Beacon and Butterdon Hill

A simple evening walk with my youngest as the evenings approached the solstice. The walk itself isn’t more than 2 miles, but its perfect for an evening and if you get here early enough it could easily be extended up to Piles Hill and Sharp Tor, or across to Ugborough Beacon. The walk starts by following the old railway track that leads out to Redlake, we follow it almost as far as Wetherdon Hill before striking up towards Butterdon Hill, its then a simple walk down and then up to Western Beacon, passing the dried up Black Pool. As said nothing really to this walk, it was just nice to see the views across South Hams again and get out after work/school for a good leg stretch.

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South Hams stretching away, you’ll see a lot of it on this walk, I’m looking south west here as I start on the railway path
Ivybridge is below
Looking more south easterly here the cloud is thin but enough to block out any sunny spells
Penn Beacon is over there alongside Lee Moor as we round the corner and Wetherdon Hill comes into view
Looking towards Plymouth now, this is the point that the Two Moors Way out of Ivybridge and joins the railway track
western Beacon on the left as we head out the back of Butterdon Hill
Sharp Tor and Three Barrows as we reach the point were we turn towards Butterdon Hill, Stalldown Barrow on the left
Bit of pink/orange in the sky to the west over Penn Beacon
Butterdon Hill
Down to Black Pool and then up to Western Beacon
On Western Beacon Now looking back to Butterdon Hill with Sharp Tor peeking out to the left of that
South Hams from Western Beacon and yes you can see the south Devon coast from here
I think the dip in the distance is where the River Erme hits the sea at Mothercombe
The quarry on Western Beacon
Showing off a bit of stone. The two of us had enjoyed the walk but now we had a big bag of crisps and a movie to watch at home

5 thoughts on “Western Beacon and Butterdon Hill

  1. Used to be my favourite area for leading night walks in the 70s. You could watch the satellites go over and see the Eddystone lighthouse

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