Bovisand and Down Thomas

A walk with the boys, this one again from home. This one was 6 miles and we headed out towards Down Thomas first before picking up the coastal path to Bovisand and then a good route back home. This walk was early September so temperatures were still good and the sun was shining, with some fine clouds to add interest to the sky. As always with the boys they moaned to start with but once out and on the paths they enjoyed the walk, this might be one of the few walks we do for a bit as Matthew has started playing football again so Saturday’s will be spent by the side of a pitch shouting at him to stop playing people onside!!

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Not far from home here and the views down to Plymouth open up straight away
One of the WW2 pil boxes just outside the old Staddiscombe village
Out along the lanes and views across the fields to the masts at Staddon Heights
Lovely views out to sea as we start to cross the fields towards Down Thomas
Dartmoor in the distance and the old Staddiscombe village on the right of picture
Fields of corn, the sea and Rame Head in Cornwall
Think the boys were discussing the best route back home at this point by checking Matthew’s phone. We are leaving Down thomas village here and heading down to the coastal path
Plymouth Sound, Rame Head away on the left, the breakwater in view and Cornwall all behind that
Fort Bovisand comes into view on the right, the breakwater again on the left as we walk the coastal path
Plymouth Sound and some lovely clouds above
Bovisand beach looking beautiful in the glistening sunshine
Leaving the beach and the coastal path you follow this lovely shady path uphill and inland
Popping out at the top to another view down to the sea, we have walked up the path in that line of trees on the left
Plymouth comes into view again below with Dartmoor at the back
And the last one as we reach Staddiscombe village again, Dartmoor again at the back with some darkened clouds above. A lovely walk of 6 miles across fields, coast and lane. A lovely way to spend 2 or so hours

4 thoughts on “Bovisand and Down Thomas

  1. I really liked those cloud photos as well.
    Starting to recognise some parts of this walk now having seen you write it up a number of times. Must be great to have the coast and a beach a short walk from the front door

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    • Having these walks from the door are great for when there is less time to travel for a walk, and this one is an easy enough route. I used this one lots when we had lockdowns as well and it was a godsend in those times

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