Another fantastic week in the Lake District last week and it started here in the Northern Lakes on Binsey. I’d driven up from an overnight stop in Wigan and into rain, it was forecast to brighten in the afternoon so I took time to stop in Keswick, grab some lunch before heading across to Binsey. My week lodgings where in the Western Lakes in a lovely little village called Dean (The Royal Yew pub is superb) and Binsey provided a good leg stretch as well as being convenient for the A66 and the short drive across to Dean. Timing was good as the sun was out by the time I started and the cloud started to lift from all but the highest fells during the walk. It was a nice and easy start to the week.

Start – Binsey cottage
Route – Binsey summit and back down, easy peasy!!
Distance – 1.5 miles    Start time – 2.00pm     Time taken –  1hr    Highest Point – Binsey 447m
Weather – Sunny, cloud on the higher tops lifting
© Crown copyright 2014 Ordnance Survey FL 2014 SF

© Crown copyright 2014 Ordnance Survey FL 2014 SF

Starting out up the small climb, here looking back to Overwater

Starting out up the small climb, here looking back to Overwater

Binsey 2

Cloud is down on Skiddaw and the surrounding fells, a snippet of Lake Bassenthwaite on the right

Binsey 3

Looking west to Scotland across the Solway Firth

Binsey summit

Binsey summit

Binsey 5

The flat plains that lead to the sea

Binsey 6

Cloud starting to break a bit over Bassenthwaite and Skiddaw

Binsey 7

Looking back to Binsey summit a few more people out taking advantage of the better weather this afternoon

Binsey 8

Sun shining on Lake Bassenthwaite, the North Western fells behind

Binsey 9

Skiddaw again

Binsey 10

Overwater and the Back O’Skiddaw fells

Binsey 11

Sunburst over Bassenthwaite

Binsey 12

Almost back down to Binsey Cottage and the car as the cloud lifts over Skiddaw


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