Around the Corn Ridge and Hunt Tor

This wasn’t the walk that was planned for this weekend, originally I had ear marked Cosdon Hill to Hangingstone Hill as the walk for today. However when I joined the A30 at Okehampton, having driven through some sunshine around Lydford, I hit low cloud and grey skies. I turned around and headed back to Lake to have a walk around Hunt Tor instead, hoping to have cloud free tops at least. The day was mostly free of cloud, just, however the sun never came out and as a result the day was mostly painted in the grey palette!!

Start – Lake
Route – Lake viaduct – Great Nodden – Rattlebrook railway – Lydda BridgeGren TorHunt TorKitty Tor – Stenga TorSlipper StonesBranscombe’s Loaf – Lake viaduct
Distance – 7.5 miles    Start time – 11.20am     Time taken – 4 1/2hrs    Highest Point – Kitty Tor 585m
Weather – Dull and grey, cloud all around
© Crown copyright 2014 Ordnance Survey FL 2014 SF

© Crown copyright 2014 Ordnance Survey FL 2014 SF

Corn Ridge 1

Lake viaduct

Corn Ridge 2

Views to the south west as I climb to Great Nodden

Corn Ridge 3

Great Nodden ahead

Corn Ridge 4

Great Nodden summit with Arms Tor behind

Corn Ridge 5

Great Links Tor in the cloud behind the summit cairn

Corn Ridge 6

Far reaching views into Cornwall

Corn Ridge 7

Looking back to Great Nodden on the right with the Lyd valley in the centre and the obvious cloud line

Corn Ridge 8

Rattlebrook railway as I cross Lydda bridge with Gren Tor ahead

Corn Ridge 9

Great Links Tor from Hunt Tor

Corn Ridge 10

Green Tor left and the Dunna Goat’s to the right from Hunt Tor

Corn Ridge 11

Looking back to Hunt Tor and Great Links Tor

Corn Ridge 12

On Kitty Tor looking down to Stenga Tor

Corn Ridge 13

And in reverse, Stenga Tor with Kitty Tor up on the right

Corn Ridge 14

West Okement from the Slipper Stones

Corn Ridge 15

High Willhays is up in the cloud on the left

Corn Ridge 16

Next target is Branscombe’s Loaf

Corn Ridge 17

Meldon Reservoir from Branscombe’s Loaf

Corn Ridge 18

Yes Tor out of the cloud and Branscombe’s Loaf in the foreground

Corn Ridge 19

Sourton Tor from the Corn Ridge

Corn Ridge 20

Great Nodden and drama in the sky

Corn Ridge 21

Strip of green between the brown as I head down to the viaduct again

Corn Ridge 22

Brent Tor and Kit Hill and a pink glow as I reach the viaduct at Lake and the car

4 thoughts on “Around the Corn Ridge and Hunt Tor

  1. A lovely area for walking with lots of high ground. Not far from Lydda Bridge lies the site of a fatal Flying Fortress crash in 1943. Wondered if you visited it on the walk and could give directions as I’d like to get there some day and I understand it’s not marked.

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    • There is a small plaque there apparently, both legendary dartmoor (search on that website for dartmoor aircraft crash sites) and heritage gateway mention the site. Legendary dartmoor has a photo or two of the site and Heritage Gateway gives the grid location of SX 551 884. Which puts it a few hundred metres north east of Lydda bridge. Hope that helps


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