Cadover Bridge and around the Plym

This is a walk I try to do every year at least once. It’s a fabulous area and an easy walk, giving a taster to everything that is good about walking on Dartmoor. You get a nice moorland area across Wigford Down, fantastic views from the Dewerstone and Devil’s Rocks, history and victorian industry with the granite quarries and china clay settling tanks at Shaugh Prior. Plus a woodland walk back to Cadover through the National Trusts West Down and North Wood. All the time you have the River Plym crashing below in the valley. The weather was at least dry even if the clouds were skimming rapidly a hundred metres overhead. It was great to be out.

Start – Cadover Bridge
Route – Cadover Bridge – Wigford Down – Top of the Dewerstone – Shaugh Bridge – West Down – North Woods – Cadover Bridge
Distance – 3 3/4 miles     Start time – 10.30am     Time taken – 2 hrs    Highest Point – Just above the Dewerstone 220m
Weather – Grey, very grey and windy!
© Crown copyright 2014 Ordnance Survey FL 2014 SF

© Crown copyright 2014 Ordnance Survey FL 2014 SF

Wigford Down 1

Wet and murky from the parking spot by Cadover Bridge, still its Boxing Day and fresh air is needed!!

Wigford Down 2

From further up the hill with the Trowlesworthy Tors on the left behind the trees which holds the Counting House, which used to be the place were the china clay workers were paid in Victorian times

Wigford Down 3

Normally you’d get good views across to Leather Tor and Peek Hill however its a bit grey today!

Wigford Down 4

Looking to Devil’s Rocks with the top of the Dewerstone down to the left

Wigford Down 5

On Devil’s Rocks now, the River Plym in in the valley on the right

Wigford Down 6

Could be worse, it could be raining!

Wigford Down 7

Heading along the old narrow gauge railway track down to Shaugh Bridge, you pass many of these old quarry sites. Stone from here was taken to build Blackfriars Bridge in London

Wigford Down 8

The railway track and path, one of the left behind blocks on the right

Wigford Down 9

At the top of the incline is this brake house, carts full of granite were lowered down the slope, in turn pulling up the empty carts (clever eh!!). This braking house ensured the full carts didn’t end up at the bottom in a mangled heap!

Wigford Down 10

Looking back up the incline

Wigford Down 11

The River Plym at Shaugh Bridge

Wigford Down 12

And again, this time from the wooden footbridge over the Plym

Wigford Down 13

On Shaugh Bridge, the Plym and the Meavy (from the left) join together.

Wigford Down 14

And head downstream to Plymouth

Wigford Down 15

On West Down, I’ve come from the left and I’m heading to the right

Wigford Down 16

The Dewerstone from a break in the trees before North Wood

Wigford Down 17

This is a great National Trust path along here

Wigford Down 18

North Wood

Wigford Down 19

The path through these woods is called the clay pipe path, this pipe took the china clay from Cadover Bridge to the settlement tanks at Shaugh Bridge. The railway was also there to take the finished product to market along with the granite from the quarries

Wigford Down 20

The clay pipe

Wigford Down 21

Plenty of water in the Plym near Cadover Bridge

Wigford Down 22

Cadover Bridge


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