All around Widecombe in the Moor

Since early November sunny days in this part of the world have been extremely rare. Rain and strong winds from the south west have arrived day after day. Finally though we had one good day which meant one final walk in 2015. The original plan was start near Bonehill Rocks walk through Widecombe and up to Hameldown before looping round at the far end and ascending Honeybag Tor and coming back to the car along the ridge. Once out and looking at the blue sky I decided that I would add a warm up loop around Top Tor and Pil Tor and once up on Hameldown I would consider continuing to Grimspound. As it was I did pretty much 10 miles in some lovely sunshine.

Start – B3387
Route – Top TorPil TorHollow Tor – Widecombe in the Moor – Kingshead TorHameldown Beacon – Two Barrows – Single Barrow – Broad Barrow – Hameldown CrossHameldown TorGrimspoundHookney TorKing TorBerry PoundHoneybag TorChinkwell TorBell TorBonehill Tor – B3387
Distance – 10 miles    Start time – 10am     Time taken –  5h 30min    Highest Point – Hameldown Cross 530m
Weather – Sunny and blue skies to start, clouded over at the end
© Crown copyright 2014 Ordnance Survey FL 2014 SF

© Crown copyright 2014 Ordnance Survey FL 2014 SF

Widecombe 1

Blue skies and Haytor from the start of the walk

Widecombe 2

And blue skies the other way to the west

Widecombe 3

On Top Tor looking back towards the car, Hameldown to the left where I’m heading soon

Widecombe 4

Pil Tor next though

Widecombe 5

Haytor and Saddle Tor from Pil Tor

Widecombe 6

Rainbow on Widecombe from Hollow Tor

Widecombe 7

The dark tor in the centre is Corndon Tor from Hollow Tor

Widecombe 8

Heading through Widecombe you get this great view back up to Chinkwell Tor

Widecombe 9

On Hameldown looking to North Hessary Tor (far left)

Widecombe 10

Looking back along the Two Moors Way from Kingshead Tor

Widecombe 11

Uh oh, on Kingshead Tor and that looks ominous!

Widecombe 12

Luckily the shower missed me, just! On Hameldown Beacon now

Widecombe 13

Broad Barrow ahead

Widecombe 14

And great views westerly

Widecombe 15

Time for coffee and festive cheer!

Widecombe 16

Blue skies on Two Barrows

Widecombe 17

Looking back to Hameldown Beacon

Widecombe 18

On Broad Barrow now looking to Hameldown Tor

Widecombe 19

Hameldown Cross is first up though

Widecombe 20

Great views next from Hameldown Tor

Widecombe 21

I decided to add on Grimspound and Hookney Tor to the walk as the weather was on my side

Widecombe 22

Hookney Tor (the white spot to the right of the tor is the Warren House pub)

Widecombe 23

Fantastic stuff from Hookney Tor down into Challacombe valley

Widecombe 24

Grimspound down to the left with Hameldown Tor above

Widecombe 25

King Tor is next up, a lot of heather between myself and the cairn

Widecombe 26

Zoomed in and plenty of cars at the Warren House pub

Widecombe 27

From King Tor looking to North Bovey (the village) in the centre

Widecombe 28

Hound Tor catches the sun with Haytor behind

Widecombe 29

Honeybag Tor is next and its a fair walk away, at least its in the sun for now!

Widecombe 30


Widecombe 31

RAF memorial to a plane that crashed here on 22nd March 1941 on the way back from a bombing run

Widecombe 32

The circle is Berry Pound, clearly seen from here

Widecombe 33

The searchlights are out!!! Looking to Widecombe from the stupidly steep climb to Honeybag Tor

Widecombe 34

Note to self, don’t come up from the west again!! Looking to Chinkwell Tor from Honeybag Tor. The sun has gone now I’m here.

Widecombe 35

Hameldown up on the left from Honeybag Tor

Widecombe 36

The cairns on Chinkwell Tor looking back to Honeybag Tor

Widecombe 37

Ok I wasn’t drunk, but I did double take thinking this was a group of unicorns!!

Widecombe 38

Bell Tor below, Bonehill Rocks behind and Rippon Tor back left with Top Tor and Pil Tor in the middle distance

Widecombe 39

Haytor still in view from Bell Tor

Widecombe 40

From Bonehill Rocks looking back to Chinkwell Tor

Widecombe 41

Bonehill Rocks

Widecombe 42

Final shot on the short walk back to the car with Bonehill Rocks in the foreground and Chinkwell Tor behind


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