Down Tor in the sunshine

I was heading for a day out in Tavistock and decided that a nice walk at Burrator would build up an appetite for lunch! An easy walk to Down Tor was planned, giving lovely views back to Burrator reservoir. I’ve said a number of times that this is my favourite tor on Dartmoor due to these views, but its also because, that despite it being 20 minutes walk from the car park you can have plenty of alone time up there. There were plenty of spring lambs again plus a number of Dartmoor foals which were great to see.

Start – Norsworthy Bridge
Route – Middleworth FarmDown TorLittle Down TorSnappers TorNorsworthy Bridge
Distance – 1 1/2 miles    Start time – 11.45am     Time taken –  1hr    Highest Point – Down Tor 360m
Weather – Sunny, cool on the tops
© Crown copyright 2014 Ordnance Survey FL 2014 SF

© Crown copyright 2014 Ordnance Survey FL 2014 SF

Down Tor 1

Foal and its mother at Middleworth farm as I start my walk

Down Tor 2

Down Tor up ahead

Down Tor 3

Blue skies aplenty! Burrator reservoir in view as I climb up to Down Tor

Down Tor 4

Its definitely clouding over now!!! Gutter Tor in the distance

Down Tor 5

The bulky Sheeps Tor on the left as I get near to the top

Down Tor 6

Combshead Tor on the left and the pointy Cuckoo Rock down to the right, these were on the agenda today but I figured a shorter walk was enough

Down Tor 7

Classic view to Burrator reservoir from Down Tor, Sheeps Tor left and Peek Hill right

Down Tor 8

Behind Down Tor lies the valley of Newlycombe Lake and over on the right you can just make out part of Down Tor stone row

Down Tor 9

The mast at Princetown, were I was last week

Down Tor 10

The tors of Leather Tor and Sharpitor above Burrator reservoir

Down Tor 11

Snappers Tor looking to Burrator

Down Tor 12

From the same spot I look up to Leather Tor and Peek Hill

Down Tor 13

Gorse and Snappers Tor

Down Tor 14

Dartmoor ponies infront of Burrator as I reach the car


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