Family walk to Outerside

As is tradition for our week in the Lakes we all walk together at least once. Some go all the way around the route, some stop at a certain point and head back. The only rule seems to be get to the point where the family photo is taken and then the day is yours! We have been this way before back in 2012 (also the Olympic year!!!) that time we headed for Barrow, this time however Outerside was on the agenda and 5 made it to the summit. 4 more made the loop around Stile End and back and the rest stopped at Barrow Door and headed back down. Its a good day for the kids as they get to walk and yap and generally get further than normal without complaining so much!!! Outerside is a good hill however it doesn’t quite have the views of Barrow, despite being around a 100 metres higher. It feels a little enclosed by the Coledale Horseshoe which rises higher around it, however today on a day of windy weather this was good as the horseshoe protected us slightly. To finish, we (those that made the summit), had a few pints in the Royal Oak in Braithwaite, a brilliant pub that serves my favourite pint of Snecklifter, so good was the pint, that after tea, I went back just to make sure it was still brilliant!!

Start – Braithwaite
Route – Barrow Door – Outerside – High Coledale – Braithwaite
Distance – 4 miles    Start time – 1.20pm     Time taken –  2hrs 40 mins    Highest Point – Outerside 568m
Weather – Cloudy, dull and pretty windy
© Crown copyright 2016 Ordnance Survey FL 2016 SF

© Crown copyright 2016 Ordnance Survey FL 2016 SF

Outerside 1

Off go the troupe, my sister enjoying herself already. Barrow is the fell to the left

Outerside 2

The ever present view back to Skiddaw (top just in cloud). Blencathra far right and the path we’ve walked clear to be seen

Outerside a

Time for the family photo, “gather round” says mother. So that’s what we do!!!!!

Outerside b

“No no no” I hear, “spread out, be sensible”. So next we do that!!!

Outerside 3

Sensible family photo!

Outerside 4

Off again, heading for the dip to the left of Stile End ( pointy peak dead ahead). Causey Pike is the knobbly one at the back and Outerside can just be seen peeking up on the right of Stile End.

Outerside 5

The path to Barrow Door is a good one but the kids still need the odd sweet to keep them in a forward movement!!

Outerside 6

Having passed Barrow Door (and split from half the group) we continue around the side of Outerside. Here looking back to Barrow on the left, with Derwent Water now in view. Stonycroft Gill is the valley.

Outerside 7

My mum, dad and eldest pose for one last photo before my parents head back around the other side of Stile End (left of this photo) and back to the house in Braithwaite. This leaves five to make the top!

Outerside 8

My eldest has the legs to make the summit, here with Coledale Hause behind him (the dip) and Crag Hill up in the clouds on the left

Outerside 9

Its a quick climb from the back of Outerside to the summit, providing great views down to Barrow, Derwent Water on the right and Skiddaw and Blencathra in the distance to the left. Keswick can also be seen to the left of Barrow summit

Outerside 10

He made it!

Outerside 11

Sail on the left with Crag Hill still in the clouds, leading down to Coledale Hause. Force Crag Mine is bottom right of the photo

Outerside 12

A burst of sunshine lights up the end of Lake Bassenthwaite. Coledale Beck down on the left which leads to Braithwaite

Outerside 13

My uncle has also made the summit. I blame him for dragging me in the pub!!

Outerside 14

The ridge from here looks continuous to Barrow however there is steep drop off the front of Outerside. Its a fabulous view though

Outerside 15

We are now dropping down off Outerside and Stonycroft Gill can be seen clearly in the valley, Barrow to the left and the lower slopes of Causey Pike to the right

Outerside 16

The heather path to Stile End, Braithwaite in view to the left

Outerside 17

Outerside, clad in purple heather

Outerside 18

Now down to bracken level, with Braithwaite (the pub) in touching distance

Outerside 19

Back to where we took the family shot from but looking the other way, with Barrow (left), Causey Pike (knobbly one at the back), Stile End (centre) and the top of Outerside to the right

Outerside 20

Yours truly with my cousin and her boyfriend carrying on to Braithwaite

Outerside 21

Almost back now, now for a pint!


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