Brent Hill

A quick walk on a Saturday that didn’t hold much hope for the weather, but which gave a window for me and the boys to get out for a bit. A short walk was needed and this is a hill I’ve not been on before. Brent Hill is distinctive when driving along the A38 from Plymouth to Exeter, with its scalene triangle shape (school maths lesson flashback!!). However its a tricky hill to get to with only a few permitted footpaths to the summit and a marked permissive path over the summit (there are maps at the foot of the hill to show you). The views are lovely from here, being a little detached from Dartmoor you get a nice view across South Hams as well as back into south Dartmoor.

Start – South Brent parking
Route – Lutton – Brent Hill – Beara Common – South Brent
Distance – 3 miles    Start time – 11.40am     Time taken –  1hr 45mins  Highest Point – Brent Hill 311metres
Weather – Cloudy, some bits of sun
© Crown copyright 2016 Ordnance Survey FL 2016 SF

© Crown copyright 2016 Ordnance Survey FL 2016 SF

South Brent parking to the left of the railway

South Brent parking to the left of the railway as we start out on the walk


Lovely views across the fields to Ugborough Beacon, a large part of this walk is along roads through farmland


The valley that holds the Avon river as it descends down from Avon Dam and Shipley Bridge


Erm…… luckily there was a gate between us and them!! That’s Brent Hill up on the left and the track runs up to the left of these fine fellows!


After losing the staring competition with the cows we come out of the lane onto the lower part of Brent Hill


There was a dead cow on the path up to the top, so we diverted around in order to avoid the mess (think it had fell down the rocks, no other cows at the summit so it must have been there a while). However we make the summit and the boys are sat here on the fort remains at the top of Brent Hill


Trig point with a view to Eastern White Barrow in the sun with Grippers Hill to the right


Ugborough Beacon from Brent Hill


South Hams beyond the remains of Brent Hill iron age fort


Looking down to South Brent as we start our way down


Lazy sods! As we pop out on the road back into South Brent.


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