Challacombe Down

First walk back after a week in the Lake District and almost got caught out by the earlier nightfall. Had to get a bit of a wiggle on whilst crossing Hameldown and not too much of a stop at Grimspound in order to make it back with 20 minutes to spare before dark. I also found a rugby ball on Hookney Tor which is one of the strangest things I’ve found on Dartmoor so far. A few new places for me on this walk, Challacombe Down and Blacka Tor and also a visit to Stoneslade Tor which I had been over before but didn’t realise it!! More of this weather please for November!!

Start – Bennet’s Cross parking
Route – Birch TorChallacombe Stone RowChallacombe DownBlacka Tor – Blackaton Cross – Stoneslade TorKingshead TorHameldown Beacon – Two Barrows – Broad Barrows – Hameldown Cross – Hameldown TorGrimspoundHookney Tor – Bennet’s Cross parking
Distance – 7 miles    Start time – 1.20pm     Time taken –  3hrs 20mins  Highest Point – Broad Barrows 530metres
Weather – Lots of white cloud, lots of sun and going dark earlier!!
© Crown copyright 2016 Ordnance Survey FL 2016 SF

© Crown copyright 2016 Ordnance Survey FL 2016 SF


Nice blue skies as I look up to Birch Tor, Challacombe Down just to the right


Views to Cosdon Beacon as I start the walk


The last working mine on Dartmoor was here, the Vitifer Tin Mines closed in 1925. The white building in the distance is the Warren House Inn


On Birch Tor with Challacombe Down to the left and Souusons Down the valley to the right


Hookney Tor left and Hameldown Tor right from the same spot


Challacombe Stone Row with Chaw Gully below and Birch Tor beyond that


This is the end stone of the stone row in the dip across there is Grimspound (the circle), which could have had links to this stone row


This wall marks the top of Challacombe Down, here looking over to Fernworthy Forest (back right)


Almost down to the road that will take me to Blacka Tor, Hookney Tor beyond the fence. Challacombe farm is behind me


Blacka Tor looking back to Challacombe Down on the left


Heading up onto Hameldown now and the views across to Haytor and surrounding tors open up


In the far distance in the mast on North Hessary Tor beyond Devon’s green fields


Here looking back along the Two Moors Way path from Stoneslade Tor


From the same place the sun nips behind a cloud meaning I can get a picture to the south west, the dark tors, centre left, are Yar Tor and Corndon Tor. This is from Kingshead Tor


Bit of zoom catches the sun picking out Haytor


Hameldown Beacon, I realised at this point I’d need to get a move on as the sun had about 30 minutes before setting


From Two Barrows into a setting sun


Looking east this time


Back along the ridge to Hameldown Beacon


Greator Rocks picked out by the zoom this time


Rippon Tor


I could see this rock/tor sticking out in the sun to the east. After a bit of work with the map I managed to identify it as Blackingstone Rock. Its on my list of to do’s!!


Hameldown Tor and trig point


Hookney Tor above the trig point. Cosdon Beacon is the dark hill in the far distance


Grimspound, with Birch Tor across the valley and Hookney Tor up to the right


Sun begins to set over Challacombe Down


From Hookney Tor with Grimspound below and Hameldown Tor above


End of the day on Hookney Tor


Nope not Twickenham, found on Hookney Tor!!


Between Birch Tor and Hookney Tor now as the moon rises above


Last shot looking towards the car and the Warren House pub as the sun goes behind clouds and sets


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