White Hill and Willsworthy Firing Range

It was a beautiful day, a real walking day. I took the boys to a place that I’d wanted to get to for a while, Willsworthy Firing Range. I’d seen it from a distance many times, and heard it plenty, however I’d not walked beside the range or up to White Hill. This one ticks both off, you can do the walk much quicker but we investigated the range and had a good look around, boys will be boys after all. The views were brilliant and the air clarity as good as I’ve seen for a while, more of the same please Mr Weatherman!! The list of tors to do is getting shorter and I’ve an idea of which ones I will have left at the end to finish them off, which will likely be January. I can then start again!!

Start – Willsworthy Range parking
Route – Willsworthy Firing Range –  White Hill –  Willsworthy Firing Range –  Willsworthy Range parking
Distance –  2 miles    Start time – 10.30am     Time taken –  2hrs  Highest Point – White Hill 390metres
Weather – Sunny, very clear, not a breath of wind
© Crown copyright 2016 Ordnance Survey FL 2016 SF

© Crown copyright 2016 Ordnance Survey FL 2016 SF


The gate to the firing range and a fine view to Gibbet Hill, we were there the other week, here


The village of Lydford to the northwest


Don’t ask!!


Great views from this spot


He’s happy with things


Lots of terrain like this out here (P.S. I didn’t take this one my eldest did!!)


Hare Tor in the distance with the firing range on the side of White Hill in the foreground


An obs post that from this angle looks like the house on haunted hill


Firing range markers, the targets are actually behind the grass bank at the front, the sand catches the bullets I guess


Stood by the numbers in the previous photo, looking out along the range


Turning round to White Hill on the left with Hare Tor behind


On White Hill now and you get a fab view. From the right, Hare Tor, Sharp Tor and Great Links Tor


To the south, into the sun to White Tor and Great Mis Tor


The boys and the flagpole on White Hill


Bit of zoom brings out the best of Hare Tor


and Sharp Tor


and Great Links Tor, with Brat Tor on the left


To the west is Lydford Gorge


Gibbet Hill left and Brent Tor on the right in the distance


A bit of cloud catches the top of Great Mis Tor


Moveable targets on the range


Don’t mess with these two soldiers


The main track out the the firing range and White Hill


Just down this path and back to the car


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