Stalldown Barrow and twice across the Erme

An afternoon walk with the boys to pick off a couple of tors in the south part of Dartmoor that I hadn’t done. I had hoped of having a good look at the two stone rows here, Staldon and Burford, however the daylight was fading fast on a grey day and the River Erme was difficult to cross dry shod!! I’ve never attempted to cross this River before, certainly not this low down and its not easy. I probably should have waded back and forth with the boys in my arms, but we went for an adventure instead, hopping from rock to rock, traversing a small island and then leaping for the bank!! They loved it, I was just glad we were safe and sound!!

Start – Harford parking
Route – River Erme –  Stalldown Barrow –  Hillsons House – Tristis Rock –  River Erme – Harford parking
Distance –  4 miles    Start time – 1.30pm     Time taken –  2 1/2hrs  Highest Point – Stalldown Barrow 413metres
Weather – Grey and gloomy, going dark towards the end
© Crown copyright 2016 Ordnance Survey FL 2016 SF

© Crown copyright 2016 Ordnance Survey FL 2016 SF


50 metres from the car and they are claiming they are tired already!!


Tristis Rock on the other side of the valley. Penn Beacon is the hill in the distance


Hanger Down Clump is the group of trees over there


We are heading down towards the Erme at this point with Sharp Tor up on the right


We crossed here as this was easily the best spot we found in 20 minutes of searching


Looking back along the Erme valley with Tristis Rock on the hill on the right


The boys at Hillsons House


Three Barrows on the left and Sharp Tor to the right, from Stalldown Barrow


The stones of the Staldon Stone Row can clearly be seen from Hillsons House, with Shell Top behind


Plymouth Sound can be seen, even on this dull day, from up here


Tristis Rock with Butterdon Hill beyond


Looking the other way with Stalldown Barrow up on the left


Apparently I was the slowest one to the top!!


Great view back along the Erme to Sharp Tor on the right and Stalldown left


With darkness setting in we hopped, leaped, crawled through trees and waded to this point, with a fab view across to a silhouetted Tristis Rock, a short walk back to the car from here


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