Gibbet Hill and Wheal Betsy

I wanted to get out with the boys for a walk this weekend however the weather wasn’t playing ball. Whilst the rest of the country seemed to bask in cold clear blue skies, the south west and in particular Dartmoor, held hazy, claggy cloud that stayed too low for good views or any views at times. I picked a hill on the western edge of Dartmoor, hoping for a cloud free time, I’d also thankfully thrown extra layers in the boot and a few hats. It was absolutely bitter in the wind and the Jetboil was in use to heat up some soup first before heading out of the car. Gibbet Hill itself was fairly standard with some nice views across to Brent Tor, but nothing in the other direction due to the clag. The highlight was Wheal Betsy, the only standing engine house on Dartmoor and part of the lead and silver mine from around 1740-1870, a lovely spot.

Start – Wheal Betsy parking
Route – Gibbet Hill – A386 – Wheal Betsy – Wheal Betsy parking
Distance – 1 1/2 miles    Start time – 1.10pm     Time taken –  1hr  Highest Point – Gibbet Hill 353metres
Weather – Cold, very hazy and some low clouds on higher hills
© Crown copyright 2016 Ordnance Survey FL 2016 SF

© Crown copyright 2016 Ordnance Survey FL 2016 SF


They were just finishing off their lunch when I took this, Gibbet Hill behind them


Its an easy stroll to the top from the parking by the A386


Not much of a view beyond White Hill as I look back down


You can just see Wheal Betsy’s chimney to the right of the farm down there


Gibbet Hill summit trig point with Brent Tor in the distance


You can just about make out Cox Tor from here through the haze




Brent Tor is almost silhouetted


Normally you’d get some fine views to Great Links Tor and the surrounding tops, but not today


One last one before heading down to Wheal Betsy


Lovely photo of happy boys with Dartmoor ponies behind


Wheal Betsy


Info board


The slightly drunk chimney on Wheal Betsy


Looking in the direction of Mary Tavy, past Wheal Betsy. Wheal Friendship, the partner engine house of this one, was in Mary Tavy


Hazy Dartmoor, the grass has turned to the golden yellow that it will hold until the spring


One last look up to Gibbet Hill as we reach the car


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