Lee Moor, Penn Beacon and the Yealm Waterfall

This was a good walk after the morning rain had been and the next day rains arrived with vengeance. I don’t think however that I’ve been on Shell Top or Lee Moor without at least a shower, and today was no different, it lashed down for 10 minutes and then left as quick as it came. The walk up to Lee Moor trig is a good one, along an easy to follow path. Beyond Lee Moor and heading for Langcombe Hill you are in boggy territory, and with this area being fairly flat the boggy, tufty grass and tough walking last for 2-3 miles. I also looped down the Yealm this time to see the waterfall. Its marked on an OS map and its a nice spot to sit for a break. A good walk of no more than 4 hours

Start – Harford parking
Route – Rook TorPenn BeaconShell TopLee MoorLangcombe Hill –Yealm Head – Yealm RocksYealm Waterfall – High House Waste – Harford Parking
Distance –  6.5 miles    Start time – 1pm     Time taken –  4hrs  Highest Point – Lee Moor 493metres
Weather – Cloudy, some sun and the odd heavy shower

© Crown copyright 2017 Ordnance Survey FL 2017 SF

The view across to Western Beacon as I leave Rook Gate

Across the clay pits from Rook Tor

Its a steady plod up to Penn Beacon from Rook Tor and here I look across the clay pits again to Plymouth Sound

Looking up to Shell Top my next target

Three Barrows in the sun at the back from Penn Beacon

South Hams beyond the Penn Beacon shelter

I’m about to get very wet!!

Stunning dark clouds from Shell Top

Penn Beacon from Shell Top

Brightening up over Burrator direction

Lee Moor trig point, looking back to Shell Top with Plymouth Sound beyond

A dark looking Three Barrows, along the ridge to the sun and to Butterdon Hill and Western Beacon

Walking to Langcoimbe Hill looking to the centre of Dartmoor

The dark ridge is Ryders Hill and Snowdon, you can also see Redlake (the darker hill centre right). As you can see its flat across here and pretty boggy

On Langcombe Hill, with pointy Leather Tor left and the mast on North Hessary Tor in view to the right

Yealm Head, the river wiggling south along the valley towards South Hams

One of the blowing houses just north of Yealm Waterfall

Yealm Rocks looking back to Yealm Head

Yealm Waterfall, far from the most spectacular but a nice spot to look along the valley

Yealm Rocks left and the waterfall right

Settlements used to sit along these walls, although now it just looks like the wall builder had been the pub at lunch

Lovely South Hams

One of the gates at High House Waste, the name of the Major is on the gates and beyond an SSSI

A look back, Langcombe Hill is at the back left

Back at Rook Gate

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