Whitehill Tor and Blackalder Tor

Just a short walk this time, nothing too far, nothing too hard. Just a chance to get out for an hour, but with such a short walking window it also means you don’t want to travel too far to start the walk. This area is barely 15 minutes from the house and could easily be extended to included the area around Hawks Tor or Hemerdon Down. Or at least what is left of it, Hemerdon Down is now the site of the new and improved Tungsten plant. A huge scar on the side of the hill, visible from Plymouth and the surrounding area. It is horrific. The clay pits and spoil heaps that covered this area already were bad enough. But this takes it to a new level. Still it is better than staring at four walls or being in work!! The walk is an easy one, park at the car park just after Whitehill Tor, walk along the road and up the old railway track bed to Blackalder Tor, loop into Lee Moor village and back down to the main road and head back to the car, with a quick stop off at Whitehill Tor. Easy peasy.

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They’d obviously been indoors too long!! Running off towards Blackalder Tor which is along the road and in the trees to the right

Hmmm, unfortunately this dominates the view

This old bus shelter marks the start of the old railway track bed, we are heading upwards off to the right of this picture

This is it, part of the old Lee Moor incline. Behind me and across the road is another path heading down past the railway cottages

Looking back in the direction of Plymouth

Clay work spoil heaps behind Blackalder Tor

Plymouth Sound in full sunshine beyond my eldest, who is posing for some reason!

Happy to be at the top

After a quick loop through Lee Moor village we walked back along the road, Whitehill Tor is in the trees to the right

Its some view from Whitehill Tor if you can block out the state of the near ground. The red muddy hill to the left is Hemerdon Down and the site of the tungsten works

Western Beacon is visible to the east

“Without all that horrible works this would be a lovely view” says my youngest. Couldn’t agree more son.


One thought on “Whitehill Tor and Blackalder Tor

  1. Such a shame that the area has been spoiled a second time after the clay works seem to have started to recover. Couldn’t agree that any walk in the fresh air is better than being indoors or at work!

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