Fox Tor and Five Crosses

A day off work and a chance to get out to a better place. Its no secret that Dartmoor is my go to place, however Royal Hill and Ter Hill won’t be high on my list of favourite spots. The weather today though made every step a pleasure, it was warm for late September and befitted the day after my birthday. This for me was my birthday walk and a good one it was. The trudge up from Swincombe Bridge onto Down Ridge was the only tough part, and once on Ter Hill I got into crosses mode. You are spoilt for choice in this area, I visited 5 today, but you could easily add on Skir Ford Cross, Goldsmiths Cross, Childe’s Tomb and Hutchinsons Cross, to make 9. As I mentioned the weather was the star here today, the sky looked huge, the clouds were white a fluffy and the sun shone. A perfect Monday. I need to get my act together and book another Monday off!!

Start – Whiteworks parking
Route – Royal HillSwincombe Farm – Swincombe Bridge –  Down RidgeTerrill PostsTer HillMount Misery CrossRabbits TorFox TorYonder TorWhealham Bottom CrossNuns Cross FarmSiwards Cross – Whiteworks
Distance – 7.5 miles    Start time – 9.30am     Time taken –  5hrs 15mins  Highest Point – Ter Hill 481metres
Weather – Beautiful and sunny, cloudy right at the end

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Looking to Ter Hill from my parking at Whiteworks, the sun has got his hat on today!!

This is the Devonport Leat with the Whiteworks buildings down in the trees

Heading up on to Royal; Hill and looking back at Whiteworks, Hardly a cloud in the sky

The way I’m heading, with Hameldown on the left and Rippon Tor back right

Swincombe Dam before it starts to flow into the river of that name

This is Lower Swincombe Farm and a brilliant wild camp spot

Swincombe Bridge and the farm behind in the trees

This track leads back to the dam, Royal Hill catching the sun on the right

I’m walking up Down Ridge at this point, its a tough trudge but the views behind help

Looking to Hexworthy in the valley, with Bellever Tor sticking up in the centre

Big skies on Down Ridge

Looking to Princetown from Down Ridge

Arriving at Ter Hill you are greeted by the Terrill Posts. This is the first. Not sure why they’ve put the brown soil around them, assuming to stop degradation

The other Terrill post is the smaller brother of the other one. The view beyond is into the area of Fox Tor Mire

Probably my favourite cross on the moor. I love sitting here, admiring the amphitheatre behind of Fox Tor Mire. Fabulous place. Rabbits Tor is down there on the left, which is my next stop

Rabbits Tor is quite spread out. But again the views across the mire capture the focus

A peregrine falcon. He along with a buzzard was patrolling the skies here, plenty of swooping and hovering for this one

More of Rabbits Tor. To be honest there are 3 tors along this side with very similar views. Fox Tor and Yonder Tor to come

Fox Tor looking to Princetown and Whiteworks

Looking to Yonder Tor from Fox Tor. That looks like Peek Hill and Sharpitor in the distance

Such good views from here

Fox Tor Mire and looking into the northern side of Dartmoor from Yonder Tor

Whealham Bottom Cross. Lots of debate about whether this is a boundary post that has been moved or a cross without arms and just this inscription on it

Unmistakable, Nun’s Cross Farm

Siwards Cross with Nun’s Cross Farm behind

The cloud had come in a bit on my walk from Siwards Cross, but it didn’t spoil the day at all. Fox Tor Mire to finish

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