A short walk around Cotehele

Another week where I should be in the Lake District, cancelled again. the rule of 6 and all that. Left to make up another week of things to do in the area I live and visit most weekends anyway. I wanted to make it different than the week in August and today was another National Trust site (that I’ve been to plenty of times) but not yet this year. Cotehele is a good little spot, the sites are spread out which means you can do a fair walk of a 3 or 4 miles to visit all of them. I just did the quay and the main house this time, but there is the mill as well should you fancy it. The village of Calstock can easily be added on should you wish to go further than that as well. Either way this was a good start to the week and to some lovely colours and autumn walking.

Parking down at Cotehele quay this time, normally I park at the top by the house. But I chose wisely as the path up was slippery and easier to climb than to descend
The quay holds some lovely old, restored boats, fine buildings, a cafe, a pub (when open) and the car park
That’s the pub on the left and the quay buildings beyond that. This was a fully working quay which shipped goods down the River Tamar into Plymouth, using boats like Shamrock, which is a fully restored Tamar boat from 1899.
Along the path below Cotehele towards Calstock
The chapel along this path, its quite tiny, and the government will want to close it clearly as its not Covid safe and could result in a meltdown to society. Avoid at all costs! I opened the door by the way to have a look in and allow others to do so.
First past the viewpoint. The Tamar is below as it wriggles towards Calstock. Now those from these parts will be well aware of the booze cruises up the Tamar to Calstock, jump off for a few pints in a local and a return back to Plymouth with more drink onboard, then to stagger off the vessel into the Plymouth Barbican!!
The Calstock Viaduct and the village of the same name
This time of year provides some fine colours on the trees
From the top, under the house I look back down the formal garden area towards Calstock and the viaduct
Turning around is the house, Cotehele
From the side, Cotehele. The main entrance in, is to my right
A lovely avenue of trees turning all autumn as I head back down towards the quay

6 thoughts on “A short walk around Cotehele

    • A small comfort but we have some good plans for wet weather up there. Plus quite often if you work out the weather, it can be dry one side of the Lakes and raining from the centre onwards. And then we could always go for a pint if not!!

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    • Starting to get a bit beyond the pale now. There’s no hope for people, no way out has been published, so it feels like once you are in a tier, that’s it, the key has been thrown away and you are locked up


    • We got a few breaks in the weather in between the showers. I don’t mind it when its like that and you can grab some nice photos in the sunshine before hiding under some fir trees whilst the heavy shower passes. Looks like this week is going to be the same

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