Boscastle to Tintagel, almost

The plan of getting out and getting away whenever possible continued. Things are booked for the future weeks and months and loads of plans for weekends inbetween. Revisits to places, new visit to places, the idea is not to stay in the same town that I’ve been forced to frequent these last 12 months and more. If we end up back locked up I want to have explored as much as humanly possible in that time. This time it was camping, not wild camping on Dartmoor this time (much to my youngest’s disappointment) but a camp site in north Cornwall near to Camelford. The site was perfect we slept well, but with other residents on the site, we were far quieter than on Dartmoor. The walk was good, I’d checked the weather and it changed overnight with rain now forecast for 3pm onwards, so we headed off reasonably early. All booted up by 10.30am we headed off down the hill into the harbour, having found some nice free roadside parking. We joined the coastal path and made good ground, however the constant up and down hit after a couple of hours. One particular section into the Rocky Valley was a real treat but energy sapping and nothing like any other part of the coastal path that I’d seen. However we were struggling on the climbs so I decided to stop short of Tintagel Castle and pick up the road back to Boscastle. We’ll have to come back, gladly.

Start – Boscastle

Route – Boscastle harbour – South West Coastal Path – Willapark Lookout station – Firebeacon Hill – Rocky Valley – Willapark – Bossiney – Halgabron – Trethevey – Boscastle

Distance – 7 miles    Start time – 10.30am   Time taken – 4hrs 15mins  Highest Point – Willapark Lookout 97 metres

Weather – Cloudy, bits of sunshine, drizzle walking back to Boscastle

© Crown copyright 2021 Ordnance Survey FL 2021 SF
All setup at the camp site, bigger boys has meant a ditching of the 2 man tent in favour of this 3 man
Sunset of the campsite
Standard tent photo, our finest faces
Rocky road and roadside parking
Down in Boscastle now, back in August 2004 we would have been walking through a torrent of water coming through here
Boscastle harbour
The exit to Boscastle harbour, Meachard is the island
The boys having a stand off with a horse by the Willapark Lookout Station
Cambeak away in the distance with Penally Point the other side of the entrance to Boscastle
Grower Rock and Short Island as we leave Willapark
Willapark Lookout
Looking back to Willapark
Grower Rock with some waves at its base
Everywhere around us seemed to have darker clouds however Boscastle had some nice sunshine at times
They were yapping about tanks and computers games
A speckled wood
Short Island is below me to the left here as I look back at Grower Rock and Meachard
Fantastic stack of rock full of seabirds as we look across towards a second Willapark and the area around Tintagel
Heading into Rocky Valley
A brilliant place, the stream was much needed as it was hot down here
Looking back at Rocky Valley
Lye Rock sits just off the headland over there, we will just make it that far before turning to head back to the car. We were tiring quickly by this point.
The building sticking up ahead is the Tintagel Castle hotel, we won’t make it there as we head left into Bossiney
Along the track into Bossiney
The Tintagel hotel
The rock stack sticks up as we reach Bossiney
It was only 1.30pm but the drizzle had started already
The views were disappearing behind us as the misty conditions closed in
Trevalga church and village
Willapark in the distance as we make good progress along the road. In truth the walk time was 2/3rds along the coastal path and only 1/3rd along the road.
Easy walking and it has stopped drizzling now
The large stone announces the arrival in Boscastle and the end of our walk, another cracker and it means we can do Tintagel next time and camp again!

10 thoughts on “Boscastle to Tintagel, almost

  1. I’ve read that Rocky Valley and Bossiney Haven beach are great places for a swim! Only walked that part in November though. Looks superb. Always love those manic tent photos of you and the boys 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Looks like a grand walk, that.
    Ithink there’s a perception that coastal walks are a doddle, but, by the look of it, like many stretches of coastline that had plenty of steep ups and downs.

    Liked by 1 person

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