Cox Tor and the lanes below

A day off work and a chance to make up for the previous weekends washout where walking was not possible. The plan was to head out on a short walk today and then bag another one in a couple of days. Fingers crossed for Sunday. This walk is a simple one, heading out from one of the most popular car parks on the moor. Normally there’s an ice cream van here and plenty of cars and in summer the best sunsets on the moor are from this spot. But this was winter, the skies were blue and there was a baltic wind. There weren’t too many people out today and I saw no one on my route who was walking, just a few cars passing me on the lanes. It had worked out perfectly, as I needed to go to the bank, which for me means centre of Plymouth or Tavistock, easy choice as Tavistock is lovely and nearer to Dartmoor and walking. I had lunch whilst there and set off for Pork Hill and the car park below Cox Tor with a loop route in mind. Once parked, I headed downhill first to pick up the lanes and a couple more Dartmoor 365 squares, before climbing up through fields to Sharp Tor and then up the back of Cox Tor before a simple descent back to the car. An easy 5 miles

Start – Merrivale Parking

Route – Collaton – Sowtontown – Headlands Farm Cross – Harragrove – Sharp Tor (Peter Tavy)Cox Tor – Pork Hill Parking

Distance – 5 miles    Start time – 1.30pm   Time taken – 2hrs 20mins  Highest Point – Cox Tor 442 metres

Weather – Sunshine, windy and cold

© Crown copyright 2021 Ordnance Survey FL 2021 SF
First into Tavistock, my bank is over on the left here, but its always lovely to walk around the town and I had a decent lunch in the Lemon Grove cafe before heading off for the walk
The weir in Tavistock on the River Tavy
Before starting the walk I picked off a Dartmoor 365 square at Wilminstone, this bridge carried the old railway from Tavistock up to Okehampton
Now up at Pork Hill car park, the views are always great on this side of the moor and the info board will tell you what you are looking at, which is mainly Bodmin Moor in Cornwall!
Brent Tor through the wintry trees, which always look better for me without their green leaf adornment
Heading down a lonning (short path with a farmhouse at the end), this will lead me to Collaton
At the bottom of the lonning was the farmhouse and a lane down to the main lane between Moorshop and Peter Tavy. Here you get views to Kit Hill in Cornwall
As I turn around I see the boundary stones at the cross roads, the only letter that can be seen on this one is the T for Tavistock. This is another D365 square
Looking back in the direction of the marker stones. I’m on the lane between Moorshop and Peter Tavy now
Turning to Sowtontown I capture this view towards Gibbet Hill back left
Cox Tor. I’ll be up there in a bit
First I do an out and back to Headland Farm Cross another D365 square
Loved this group of trees
A lovely view down to Peter Tavy and the church with Brent Tor up on the left
The white fluffy cloud at the back looked like a huge hill from the climb up towards Sharp Tor. So I named it White Fluffy Cloud Tor. Sunny Great Links Tor was below it, with Boulters Tor nearest to me
Up on Sharp Tor, not your usual granite tor but still a cracker with views like this. the late sun had turned to that classic deep orange light which is great for photos
In the centre of Dartmoor was a bank of cloud which looked very moody. The wind from the east should be pushing it towards me but as is the way with winds and cloud across Dartmoor it never came this way but stayed over there. Roos Tor and Great Mis Tor are lit up by the sun
Sun rays pouring over Whitchurch Down as I leave Sharp Tor
It was a cold climb up Cox Tor with a very bitter easterly to enjoy on the way up. However the views south east were brilliant here
Looking north east at that bank of cloud which is behind Great Mis Tor on the right
The sun was lighting up lots of tors, this is Great Staple Tor
And Middle Staple Tor with the mast on North Hessary Tor at Princetown behind
Roos Tor and behind Great Mis Tor and that cloud bank
Foggintor quarry, Kings Tor on the right edge, with Little Staple Tor in the foreground
Back at the car park and the sun is setting
Looking back up to Cox Tor, which if you wanted a quick and easy walk isn’t too far from this car park
I stopped at Four Winds car park on the drive back to grab this shot of the last of the sun before it went behind the clouds. A lovely walk which more than made up for missing out last weekend due to rubbish weather

9 thoughts on “Cox Tor and the lanes below

    • Thank you for the kind words Terry, the photo was taken just after Harragrove, where I turned right and uphill into fields heading for Sharp Tor. You can also get a similar view from the lane at the bottom if you peer over the hedge. Its a lovely little walk as you say and a couple of hours well spent


    • Really enjoyed this walk in the run up to Christmas and looking back now probably the last time we had sun to speak of, as its been grotty the last 2 weeks. The bank of dark cloud gave some great photos with the tors all lit up in front of it.

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