East Dart Waterfall

Considering the amount of rain that has fallen in November it would have been foolish to at least not have attempted a walk to one of the waterfalls on Dartmoor. I considered Lydford Gorge or perhaps Becky Falls but plumped for an old favourite in East Dart Waterfall. The only question would be could I cross over and make it a nice circular walk of around 5-6 miles. Luckily for me the November ever-present rain didn’t really fall today, however the wind certainly did blow, gusting over 50 mph for most of the walk. I was certainly glad to be in the valley when I got the chance! The walk raised my spirits which had been dampened by so much recent rain proving that if you take a chance you can get your rewards.

Start – Roadside B3212 opposite East Dart Pub
Route – Hartland TorBeehive HutEast Dart WaterfallBroadun RocksPostbridge Clapper Bridge – Roadside B3212
Distance – 5.5 miles    Start time – 12.30pm     Time taken –  2hrs 30mins    Highest Point – Broadun Rocks 505m
Weather – Very, very windy but hardly any rain, grey skies.
© Crown copyright 2014 Ordnance Survey FL 2014 SF

© Crown copyright 2014 Ordnance Survey FL 2014 SF

East Dart Waterfall 1

Grey start and doth the wind blow!

East dart Waterfall 2

Heading up to Hartland Tor and looking across to Broad Down

East dart Waterfall 3

Broadown Tor to the right and Higher White Tor distant left

East dart Waterfall 4

The East Dart Valley from Hartland Tor

East dart Waterfall 5

East Dart river, it bends round to the right behind that hill which is where the waterfall is.

East dart Waterfall 6

Typical Dartmoor, up to my knee in it!!

East dart Waterfall 7

The East Dart river and nearly at the waterfall now

East dart Waterfall 8

Lots of rain!

East dart Waterfall 9

Looking east along the East Dart

East dart Waterfall 10

East Dart Waterfall in full spate

East dart Waterfall 11

Just about managed to cross with a bit of rock hopping!

East dart Waterfall 12

The waterfall is by the rocks on the left as the course of the river winds its way south

East dart Waterfall 13

Fernworthy Forest from Broadun Rocks

East dart Waterfall 14

Bit of zoom looking back to the waterfall with Sandy Hole pass behind to the left and Cut Hill rising at the back

East dart Waterfall 15

Broadun Rocks looking to Bellever Tor and Forest

East dart Waterfall 16

The wall to Broadown Tor, but not today the wind was very strong here.

East dart Waterfall 17

Broad Down left and Hartland Tor right, the East Dart valley between

East dart Waterfall 18

I think I say this everytime, I want that one!!

East dart Waterfall 19

Postbridge Clapper Bridge and the road bridge behind

East dart Waterfall 20

Clapper bridge from the road bridge


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