Piles Hill and Sharp Tor

Back on Dartmoor and probably the last evening walk of the year, but what a fantastic surprise at the end. I planned on walking to Sharp Tor on Ugborough Moor and decided on a nice easy starting point of Harford. I intended on only heading first to Piles Hill and then Sharp Tor, but Hangershell Rock looked tempting as a starter so I went there first. This turned out to be a good decision as I would have missed a great sunset at the end otherwise!! Gotta love a sunset!

Start – Harford Moor Gate
Route – Hangershell RockPiles HillButterdon Stone RowSharp Tor – Harford Moor Gate
Distance – 3.5 miles    Start time – 6.30pm     Time taken – 1 3/4 hrs    Highest Point – Sharp Tor 537m
Weather – Cloud, some sun and a bonus sunset
© Crown copyright 2014 Ordnance Survey FL 2014 SF

© Crown copyright 2014 Ordnance Survey FL 2014 SF

Sharp Tor 1

Looking back down the hill to the car park, there is a reservoir in the trees to the left

Sharp Tor 2

Hangershell Rock

Sharp Tor 3

Part of Butterdon Hill Stone Row

Sharp Tor 4

Looking to Brent Hill

Sharp Tor 5

Surely not a sunset!!?

Sharp Tor 6

Sharp Tor to the left and Piles Hill to the right

Sharp Tor 7

Piles Hill first, looking back to Ugborough Beacon left and Butterdon Hill to the right

Sharp Tor 8

Nearly at Sharp Tor

Sharp Tor 9

Sharp Tor cairn and what looks like a sunset about to occur

Sharp Tor 10

Sharp Tor cairn with Three Barrows behind

Sharp Tor 11

Heading back to the car with Sharp Tor right and Stalldown Barrow to the left, the River Erme in the valley

Sharp Tor 12

Oh yes!!

Sharp Tor 13

Nearly there with Penn Beacon to the right of the sunset

Sharp Tor 14

Not sure what was going on here, looks like smoke from a fire but there was no smell of fire, despite it being cool it can’t be cloud in the valley surely.

Sharp Tor 15

Sunset and a great sky

Sharp Tor 16

Looking back to Sharp Tor

Sharp Tor 17

Just fantastic

Great end to the day

Great end to the day and well worth coming out for the walk


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