3 Hills and a Reservoir

A couple of days off work and a chance to head out for a walk in an area that I don’t visit enough. In fact I haven’t been to Fernworthy Reservoir before. I parked a bit nearer to the Warren House pub than I planned, I meant to park by the bridge over the Walla Brook but drove right past!!. This meant a much longer walk back to the track up Merripit Hill along the roadside. Showers caught me on the top of Merripit, but still it was better than working!

Start – Roadside near the Warren House Inn
Route – Merripit Hill – White Ridge – Fernworthy Forest – Fernworthy ReservoirAssycombe HillWater Hill – Warren House Inn
Distance – 5 miles    Start time – 12.30pm     Time taken – 3hrs    Highest Point – Assycombe Hill 497m
Weather – Showers, some sun, mainly cloudy though
© Crown copyright 2014 Ordnance Survey FL 2014 SF

© Crown copyright 2014 Ordnance Survey FL 2014 SF

Fernworthy 1

Looking back to the car and on to Hameldown as I start the walk

Fernworthy 2

Dramatic clouds over Princetown

Fernworthy 3

Hmmm, a bit too dramatic maybe as that rain is heading my way

Fernworthy 4

On top of Merripit Hill looking to Ryders Hill and some rain

Fernworthy 5

Looking to Hameldown Beacon from Merripit Hill

Fernworthy 6

The sun catches Merripit Hill as I head up White Ridge

Fernworthy 7

Sittaford Tor

Fernworthy 8

Into Fernworthy Forest…..

Fernworthy 9

…and down to the reservoir, the dam is at the far end

Fernworthy 10

Sunshine at Fernworthy

Fernworthy 11

Looking east as I emerge from Fernworthy Forest

Fernworthy 12

Assycombe Hill

Fernworthy 13

Sun burst over Princetown

Fernworthy 14

Water Hill looking back to Assycombe Hill and Fernworthy Forest

Fernworthy 16

Bilberries, lots of these on the way back to the car


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