Ryder’s Hill and Snowdon!

Yep that’s right there’s a Snowdon on Dartmoor!! Unfortunately it’s not as exciting as its Welsh namesake but you can’t have everything. I set out from the very pretty Venford Reservoir and headed up to Horn’s Cross before setting off for Ryder’s Hill. The walk was going well until I started out for Snowdon where one of Dartmoor’s boggy areas had taken hold! Still at least I know my boots are waterproof for the winter!! Snowdon hadn’t finished with me yet as I met Dartmoor’s entire fly population on its summit, which had clearly taken nest in the cairn!! A rapid descent to the River Mardle brought an air of peace and calm back to the walk! All that was left was a fine traipse back to Venford.

Start – Venford Reservoir
Route – Horn’s Cross – Holne Ridge – Ryder’s HillSnowdon – River Mardle – Holne Moor – Venford Reservoir
Distance – 5.5 miles    Start time – 11.15am     Time taken – 3 3/4hrs    Highest Point – Ryder’s Hill 515m
Weather – Cloudy with some sun
© Crown copyright 2014 Ordnance Survey FL 2014 SF

© Crown copyright 2014 Ordnance Survey FL 2014 SF

Ryders Hill 1

Pointy Sharp Tor at the start of the walk

Ryders Hill 2

Venford Reservoir reflections

Ryders Hill 3

And from the other end looking back to the dam

Ryders Hill 4

Climbing away from Venford

Ryders Hill 5

Yar Tor and Corndon Tor in the shade with Hameldown in the sun behind

Ryders Hill 6

Horn’s Cross

Ryders Hill 7

Down Ridge on the left with Longaford and Higher White Tors in the distance

Ryders Hill 8

Venford Reservoir still visible below

Ryders Hill 9

Snowdon left and Ryder’s Hill right, the right hand hill is the higher one, which doesn’t look to be the case from here

Ryders Hill 10

Ryder’s Hill summit

Ryders Hill 11

Looking down to Huntingdon Warren with Western White Barrow behind

Ryders Hill 12

The boggy track to Snowdon

Ryders Hill 13

The boundary stones on Ryder’s Hill with Redlake behind, another winter trip there this year is in order

Ryders Hill 14


Ryders Hill 15

Snowdon summit looking back to Ryder’s Hill

Ryders Hill 16

Puper’s Hill from Snowdon, not heading there today though

Ryders Hill 17

Lovely views to South Hams as I drop to the River Mardle

Ryders Hill 18

The River Mardle

Ryders Hill 19

Puper’s Hill left and Snowdon right

Ryders Hill 20

The track back to Venford reservoir and the car after a very good walk


2 thoughts on “Ryder’s Hill and Snowdon!

    • Yep, couldn’t believe there was a hill on Dartmoor called Snowden!! There’s been a couple of walks recently that have tested my Scarpa’s. they’ve stood up very well. Off to the Lakes in 2 weeks, so need to get out this weekend to get some miles in the legs!! Hope the weather is at least dry!


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