Soaking wet on Saddlesborough

Whereas last Sunday we had beautiful weather on our walk above Burrator (here), this one was a bit of a washout. It started perfectly fine, with sunshine and the thoughts of a quick 30 minute ramble and some nice views. However the weather decided it couldn’t make its mind up and thought it would also throw in some hail and an almighty downpour for the fun of it!! The up part of the walk was all dry, but when turning round it was clear the rain was coming and thus on the descent we got soaked, even with a waterproof coat on! Saddlesborough is one of those infrequently visited places, a bit of a tick on a list if I’m honest. That said its a good one to get the kids out the house for an hour to run off some energy.

Saddlesborough 1

After leaving the car the first stop is Shaden Moor Cross up ahead

Saddlesborough 2

Shaden Moor Cross and views to Plymouth Sound

Saddlesborough 3

As we climb Saddlesborough the views open up northwards to Cox Tor and North Hessary Tor and its mast

Saddlesborough 4

Leap the leat!!

Saddlesborough 5

Saddlesborough trig point and views into southern Dartmoor

Saddlesborough 6

Rock climbing on Saddlesborough, Shell Top up on the right

Saddlesborough 7

Matthew has time for a sit, however behind me……….

Saddlesborough 8

black clouds are about to dump their contents on us, safe to say I put the camera away as we hastefully ran down the hill. Cox Tor is the left hand one of the row of hills in the distance, now run!!


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