A beautiful day above Burrator

At last a bit of sunny, warm weather. We’d eaten down the road at the Burrator Inn and a quick little walk was in order. This is a highly recommended stroll for those with little experience of Dartmoor as it is all within 500 metres of the road and the car. Also it gives you some fantastic views for very little effort, plus it is always quieter than Burrator Reservoir which is packed on days like these. This was an enjoyable walk, with a decent scramble up Leather Tor and a stop off at the rarely visited Lowery Tor. Lets hope this is the start of some sunny weather.

Start – Roadside B3212
Route – SharpitorLeather Tor Lowery TorPeek Hill – Roadside B3212
Distance – 1 1/4 miles    Start time – 1pm     Time taken –  45 mins    Highest Point – Peek Hill 400m
Weather – Bright, sunny, warm = lovely
© Crown copyright 2016 Ordnance Survey FL 2016 SF

© Crown copyright 2016 Ordnance Survey FL 2016 SF

Lowery Tor 1

Off on our way up to Sharpitor

Lowery Tor 2

North Hessary Tor and the mast easily seen, Great Mis Tor on the left

Lowery Tor 3

Sunshine and shade as I look west

Lowery Tor 4

Just leaving Sharpitor with Leather Tor behind and I think that’s a forced smile!

Lowery Tor 5

Leather Tor summit

Lowery Tor 6

Brotherly love and Burrator behind

Lowery Tor 7

Eylesbarrow and Down Tor from Leather Tor

Lowery Tor 8

Peek Hill and the next stop of Lowery Tor (with the arrow above it)

Lowery Tor 9

Scrambling down Leather Tor

Lowery Tor 11

Leather Tor left and Cramber Tor in the distance

Lowery Tor 12

A lie down on Lowery Tor

Lowery Tor 13

And looking back again to Leather Tor

Lowery Tor 14

Lowery Tor below and Burrator Reservoir

Lowery Tor 15

On Peek Hill looking to Sharpitor, Great Mis Tor in shadow to the left

Lowery Tor 16

All smiles as we head back to the car


3 thoughts on “A beautiful day above Burrator

  1. Its a great spot and I’m lucky to live down here which makes it easy to get out. The northern moor is more rugged in my opinion, but its tough walking with all the tussocks and boggy areas!!


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