Royal Hill

This was my first proper walk after coming back from the Lakes. Nothing too tricky or too far but an area I haven’t been before, around the Blackbrook River and somewhere I have been around, in Royal Hill. Like much of Dartmoor at the moment the grass is long, the bracken is high and thus paths are sometimes non existent and even when they are cattle seem to frequent them and their verges!! On crossing the bridge below Round Hill Tor I noticed on the map and subsequently on the internet afterwards, that it has no name. Thus I named it Round Hill Bridge!

Start – Roadside B3212 (Between Princetown and Two Bridges)
Route – Scout Hut – Round Hill BridgeRound Hill TorRound Hill BridgeBlakey TorCrock of GoldRoyal Hill – Tor Royal – Roadside B3212
Distance – 4.5 miles    Start time – 11am     Time taken –  2 hrs 50mins   Highest Point – Royal Hill 407mertres
Weather – Lots of warm sunshine
© Crown copyright 2016 Ordnance Survey FL 2016 SF

© Crown copyright 2016 Ordnance Survey FL 2016 SF

Royal Hill 1

Starting out this morning the weather was, let’s say, a bit weird. Low cloud seemed to be sticking to some strange spots. Here it is glued to halfway up the mast above Princetown and the prison

Royal Hill 2

To the north it was right down on the high tors, all the time blue sky was above, the sun was out and warm

Royal Hill 3

After passing the scout hut this view opens out along the Blackbrook River. Round Hill Tor on the left

Royal Hill 4

Down to this concrete bridge over the Blackbrook, I didn’t cross here as the grass the other side looked thick, so I crossed the wooden bridge and followed the Blackbrook to the next wooden bridge

Royal Hill 5

After crossing the bridge it was a short hop to Round Hill Tor. Here looking back over the long grass to Princetown, the mast and North Hessary Tor on the right, the scout hut is in the trees to the left. I handrailed the wall across the picture to get to the wooden bridge

Royal Hill 6

Round Hill Tor, Blackbrook River below and Blakey Tor on the other side of the river, just in the shadow

Royal Hill 7

Re-crossing the Blackbrook River, Bellever Tor distant left

Royal Hill 8

No name on the map, so this is Round Hill Bridge in my book!! Round Hill Tor behind

Royal Hill 9

Heading to Blakey Tor now across more longish grass, Bellever Tor dead centre of shot

Royal Hill 10

This definitely wins rock structure of the day or best impersonation of a mushroom!! Round Hill Tor just to the right of it. Princetown mast in the distance

Royal Hill 11

Looking north from Blakey Tor

Royal Hill 12

After a warm slog uphill I arrive at the Crock of Gold, on the map this should be north of the path, however its to the south

Royal Hill 13

No gold!!

Royal Hill 14

Azure blue skies above Royal Hill summit rocks, also plenty of flies. I think I took 3 shots of this one with a large fly caught straight in the centre of picture!!

Royal Hill 15

Looking back towards Princetown from Royal Hill

Royal Hill 16

Now on the main path through these parts, here looking back eastwards with the Down Ridge above the path

Royal Hill 17

However I’m going this way towards Princetown, and need to give a wide berth to these two mothers and their calves

Royal Hill 18

Circumnavigation of bovine completed, I’ve now past Tor Royal and am above the scout hut (down there on the right). All that is left is a simple path walk back to the main road


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