Easdon Tor and Manaton Rocks

I had time for a quick walk just after lunch before needing to be somewhere later in the afternoon. I misjudged the length of the walk really, particularly the part between leaving Easdon Tor and getting to Langstone. From that point I was looking for paths because at this time of year the bracken on Manaton Rocks is fierce. After leaving the road at Langstone and heading into woodland I kind of lost the path and there seemed no way of going up to the summit. I regained what I thought was the path only to find it was the other side of a fence. I backtracked back to a sign and found the right path up, and up through some of the thickest bracken I’ve experienced, well over head height in places. Still I popped out the top and it was a very short but steep drop to the church. In future I’ll come up from that side and do this walk in reverse!!

Start – Manaton Church
Route – Torhill Farm – Easdon TorWhooping RockFiggie Daniel – Langstone village – Manaton Rocks – Manaton Church
Distance – 4 miles    Start time – 1pm     Time taken –  2hrs 15mins   Highest Point – Easdon Tor 438mertres
Weather – Sunny and white fluffy clouds, very warm
© Crown copyright 2016 Ordnance Survey FL 2016 SF

© Crown copyright 2016 Ordnance Survey FL 2016 SF


The hugely impressive Manaton Church at the start of the walk, to my left was a game of cricket on this bank holiday Monday


Hayne Down can be seen, as can Bowerman’s Nose on the right of the hill (you may need to click on the photo to make it bigger to see it)


Heading up the track to Easdon Tor, looking back to Haytor and Rippon Tor among others


Same shot but from the summit this time and with a bit more blue sky in shot


Cosdon Hill to the right of Easdon Tor’s summit trig


Plenty of yellow gorse along Easdon Tor


Whooping Rock, or at least it did make a noise like that once, before a few folk came along and shifted it from its rocking position


From the other end of Easdon Tor looking back to the summit


Fro the same spot there is this rocky outcrop which resembles the Bowerman’s Nose across the valley, this one is called Figgie Daniel. Haytor and Black Hill beyond the rock


Down there is the ridge above Lustleigh with Hunters Tor on its left hand edge


Heading down through the trees to Langstone village


I’d stowed my camera on the way up to Manaton Rocks through the bracken, here I pop out on top, looking across to Hunters Tor again


Facing the other way is Hayne Down with Haytor far left


Hameldown Beacon is the flat topped tor. Time is getting on but its now only a short hop down to the car


The final track to Manaton Church and the car


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