Wigford Down

Just a quick walk this afternoon and nothing too strenuous. Its been a while since I’ve actually been to the top of Wigford Down, I normally skirt the flanks of the hill between the Dewerstone and Cadover, but this time I made it the focal point of the walk. At the same time I took in a lesser seen tor, in fact I don’t think there’s many other websites that talk about Callisham Tor. The walk went through the hamlet of Lovaton which can be added to my places on Dartmoor that I want to have a house in!! Wigford Down is a great place on the moor and a great way to get into walking on the moor, it has a remoteness despite being a few hundred metres from a road and is a great introduction to hillwalking proper. Its were I started 6 or 7 years ago now so I have a fondness for the place.

Start – Roadside on the way to Hoo Meavy
Route – Callisham Tor – Lovaton – Ringmoor Down – Wigford Down – Roadside on the way to Hoo Meavy
Distance – 3 miles    Start time – 2.40pm     Time taken –  1hr 20mins  Highest Point – Wigford Down 271mertres
Weather – Sunny with white fluffy clouds
© Crown copyright 2016 Ordnance Survey FL 2016 SF

© Crown copyright 2016 Ordnance Survey FL 2016 SF


Looking back to Wigford Down as I leave the car by the road


Cox Tor far left and the tors around Burrator just right of centre as i cross the fields to Callisham Tor


Lovaton horse show in that field


This is Callisham Tor and its not one of the finer rocky outcrops that I’ve seen!!


The views are decent though, with Peek Hill lit up by the sunshine


After admiring house after house in Lovaton, I reach Ringmoor Down, Sheeps Tor this time has the sun in the distance


Callisham Tor is the hill in the centre with the patchwork of fields on this side


Wigford Down dead ahead


Having passed some hairy cattle with huge horns I look back across to Lee Moor and Shell Top


Plymouth Sound in the distance from Wigford Down


The clay works on the right with Shell Top in the distance


Sheeps Tor to the right and Cox Tor far left and lots of tors in between


Back down to the car now with this view across West Devon, Brent Tor is in view in the far far distance (you might need to make the photo bigger to see it)


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