Great Mis Tor

After a busy weekend there was time for an evening walk. To be fair I wasn’t expecting to do the whole walk in a t-shirt nor was I expecting the superb sunset from the top of Great Mis Tor to finish with. I’ve not really got on with Great Mis Tor in the past, I’ve had arguably the coldest, windiest Dartmoor experience on this hill so far, in my early walking days. And since I’ve only been back once on a grey, dull, cool July day (here). However this time I saw what the fuss is about. I started out following the River Walkham upstream, to find the lesser visited Clay Tor, on the banks of the river. From there a squidgy walk across Greena Ball put me on top of Great Mis at the right time. The light was excellent and the weather warm enough to still not need a fleece. Probably my last evening walk of the year and a cracker to finish with.

Start – Car park B3357
Route – Over TorChurch Rock – River Walkham – Clay Tor – Greena Ball – Great Mis TorLittle Mis Tor – B3357
Distance – 5 miles    Start time – 4.30pm     Time taken –  2hr 30mins  Highest Point – Great Mis Tor 538 metres
Weather – Sunny with white fluffy clouds and a sunset
© Crown copyright 2016 Ordnance Survey FL 2016 SF

© Crown copyright 2016 Ordnance Survey FL 2016 SF


Late afternoon, drama in the clouds over Pew Tor


I’m heading for Over Tor first, which is just over there on the right. The backdrop is the Staple Tors and Roos Toir


Great Mis Tor from Over Tor, I’ll be up there later


The view south from Over Tor


The Staple Tors again


I’ve located a stile over the wall (down there on the right by the elbow in the wall) and I’m heading underneath Great Mis Tor and following the valley north


Crossing a second stile and I look back to the south


Further along the path and that’s Roos Tor to the right


Turning around and I decide to drop down to the left to find a spot to cross the River Walkham


Successful crossing done, with Roos Tor again in the distance


There are a few small waterfalls along the river, the walking here is very good, the path is intermittent but its easy to make ground


Great Mis Tor from behind now!


With no breeze it was warm down here, Clay Tor has just appeared up ahead on the left hand bank


On Clay Tor, looking back into the sun and White Tor in the distance


The other way shows Black Dunghill


I’ve crossed the River Walkham again and I’m now ascending Greena Ball, Clay Tor on the opposite bank


Found this Christmas tree as I looked for a dry route across Greena Ball (there isn’t one!!). I assume the army have planted this, Great Mis Tor ahead


Dartmoor Ponies and a lovely view to White Tor and beyond to Brent Tor


Lovely autumn sunset on Great Mis Tor


The Staple Tors and the sunset


It was brilliant up here, here I’m looking north to a distant Great Links Tor


Plymouth Sound away on the horizon, with the River Tamar to the right


About as good as it gets


The Princetown mast on North Hessary Tor


A distant view of Haytor and Rippon Tor


Zooming in a bit on Great Links Tor


And further north is High Willhays, Fur Tor to the right


Brent Tor and smoke from a fire


I’d sat and snapped away for 20 minutes and was mindful that the sun sets quicker at this time of year, so I headed down with one last look north along the tor stack of Great Mis Tor


A silhouetted Little Mis Tor with the Staple Tors beyond


Looking south from Little Mis Tor


Back down the track to the car park


The sun has pretty much gone now as I reach the car


3 thoughts on “Great Mis Tor

  1. Wow what views! I especially love the photo that features the small gush of water over the rocks. I love finding bits of open water like this when I’m out, in the summer it’s a perfect spot to refresh a pair of tired feet.

    We’ve had a few warm evenings up here – it’s been wonderful but it’s going chillier now so in need of a base layer – even resorted to thermals on a few occasions.

    Long may the good weather continue!


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