Whitehill Tor and Blackalder Tor

Saturday had been a pretty grotty day and wasn’t getting any better. The boys were crawling up the walls, or more accurately, with their heads buried in technology and gaming. Enough was enough and we had to get out, there were some breaks in the rain late afternoon so we headed out. This isn’t really a walk, more of a parking spot in between two tors and a walk of no more than 300 metres to each of the tors. We parked in Lee Moor village and headed for Whitehill Tor, which sits about 20 metres from the road, the views are of man’s industry with tungsten plants and china clay pits everywhere. It spoils what would be a great view down to Plymouth and its Sound. We then got back to the car just as the heavens opened again, 10 minutes later it had stopped and we darted off to Blackalder Tor, I enjoyed this one as its hidden in the trees but once on top the view is opened. Both these tors are outside the national park boundary but are worth a visit if only to look in horror at the scars on the land. No map or walk details on this one as its not worth it, not more than half a mile all round and it took about 30 minutes starting from Lee Moor village

The main attraction in these parts

Between the groups of trees is another set of trees which holds Whitehill Tor

5 minutes later and after a bit of thrashing through bracken we are on Whitehill Tor and the view is of the clay pits

Blackalder Tor is behind the boys

The red soil area is the new tungsten mine, which is beyond the china clay workings

A dart back to the car, wait for the rain to stop and out again. As you walk from Lee Moor to Wotter along the road, on the right hand side in the trees you will see a disused railway track heading uphill (Bus stop near the bottom of the railway track). We are on that here, Blackalder Tor will be on our left in a short distance

The bottom of Blackalder Tor, climb up through the rocks and trees to….

the top and this view. The boys liked it!

Lee Moor spoils heaps, from the clay workings are behind Blackalder Tor

Back on the road walking back to Lee Moor village


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