White Tor and Stephens Grave

A walk planned on the first day of the strong winds. They were definitely strong today and to be honest once the rain started my will to walk was gone and probably for the first time in a long time, I shortened the walk to get back to the car quicker. This is an area that I haven’t been to for a while so I feel now that I need to do a revisit and complete my original plan to head across the valley to Sharp Tor and Great Combe Tor. Another time maybe. Still the photos weren’t too bad but with the strong winds the clouds were driven in quickly and the rain was horizontal at times. An area that deserves better as the views across West Devon are fabulous from here.

Start – Peter Tavy parking
Route – Smearn Down TorsBoulters TorSetters RocksLittle White TorWhite TorHare Tor (Peter Tavy)Stephen’s Grave – Peter Tavy parking
Distance – 4miles    Start time – 12.15pm    Time taken – 2hrs 5mins  Highest Point – White Tor ridge 465 metres
Weather – Sunny to start, clouded over and then rain. Very strong wind throughout

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It was blowing a hoolie as I stepped out of the car, the valley funnelling the wind up the hill and on to Dartmoor

Looking down to Peter Tavy as I climb to Smearn Down Tors

Boom and the sun was out as I reached the summit, there are 4 or 5 outcrops up here and its not too far to get to Boulters Tor as well

Brent Tor and Gibbet Hill from Smearn Down Tors

Green fields north of Tavistock and views across to Cornwall

Smearn Down Tors

That’s Boulters Tor a hundred or so metres away, backed by Great Mis Tor, then Roos Tor and furthest right is Great Staple Tor

Boulters Tor and the same view behind

I’m very fond of the walled lane that brings you out to the moor from Boulters Tor and before long I’m stood on Setters Rocks looking back at Boulters Tor

Looking up to White Tor and just to the left Little White Tor

Cox Tor to the right, Roos Tor on the left and Great Staple Tor in the middle

Little White Tor

Looking left to a sunny Cox Tor

Looking north from White Tor to Tavy Cleave and Hare Tor

Great Mis Tor from White Tor

As I reached the outcrop at Hare Tor the clouds darkened a fair bit and rain started. I had planned on walking across to Sharp Tor and Great Combe Tor but I wasn’t really up for it. I turned into a strong cold wind and rain and decided to walk back along the path to the car

Stephen’s Grave as the sun popped out before more rain came, the wind was really howling across here and I was leaning to walk into it. Luckily its not too far back from here. A short walk but one I think I will come back for a complete as originally planned.


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