The sunset on Cox Tor

I’d missed out on the bluebells of Holwell Lawn this year. so I’d vowed that I’d would do my best to get here for my yearly sunset. The weather played ball and gave me a few options to decide between. As normal I had tea and headed out for any of the car parks below Cox Tor. Now normally on this walk I would head south for Pew Tor, but this time I went north for the Staple Tors and looped around the back of Cox Tor before ascending to the top for the sunset. This is a good amble in itself, but when you add on the best sunset in Devon, as the sun sinks by Brent Tor, then this is the place to be.

Start – Merrivale parking
Route – Little Staple TorMiddle Staple TorGreat Staple TorRoos TorLittle Roos TorLittle Cox TorCox Tor – Merrivale parking
Distance – 4 miles    Start time – 7.15pm    Time taken – 2hrs 15min  Highest Point – Great Staple Tor 455 metres
Weather – Sunsets and blue skies

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Pew Tor is my usual destination on this walk. Not today I head in the opposite direction to the Staple Tors

Its not far at all to Little Staple Tor, the views are immediate across to Peek Hill and Sharpitor

Middle Staple Tor is next up

These tors have some fantastic rock formations and plenty of outcrops, some of the best on the moor. Here looking to Great Staple Tor from Middle

Looking down the Walkham Valley

Silhouetted Great Staple Tor stacks

Tor formation and weathering at its best

Middle Staple on the right, Plymouth Sound beyond that and some lovely long distance views to the left

Looking north along the Walkham as is wriggles around the back of Great Mis Tor

Brent Tor is the small dimple in the distance below the sun. I’m on Roos Tor now and aware I have about an hour to get around Cox Tor (the slope coming down on the left) to see the sunset.

I love this view out the back of Roos Tor, proper Dartmoor wilderness

Roos Tor to North Hessary Tor and the mast

I’ve dropped down now to Little Roos Tor which is further down the hill than I always think it is. Merrivale is the hamlet in the valley which is also where the road is. Kings Tor rises above Merrivale

Great Mis Tor from Little Roos Tor, the River Walkham below

Dartmoor ponies and Brent Tor now starting to take centre stage

A cloud adds some drama and casts a lovely silhouette to proceedings.

Plenty of bracken as I make myself around the back of Cox Tor. White Tor is on the other side of the valley

The sky softens across to Bodmin Moor

I’m nearing Little Cox Tor now. The timing is good

Looking northwards to Hare Tor and Great Links Tor

Little Cox Tor and views stretching away to South East Cornwall

West Devon and Cornwall from Little Cox Tor

After a steep pull up to Cox Tor I attach the zoom lens as I get my breath back. Vixen Tor catches the last of the sun down to the south

Not quite gone for us yet though. Brent Tor is nicely placed for the sunset

The Tamar Bridge from Cox Tor

Plymouth Sound is easily seen from here as well

Cox Tor summit rocks, Brent Tor and that magnificent sunset

Amazing sight

Kit Hill on the left and Stowe’s Hill to the right

Cox Tor summit all the way to Plymouth Sound

Great Mis Tor above the trig, the ridge with the Staple Tors on it in front and North Hessary Tor further right

Still a wow in the other direction

Sinking sun

All but gone

Heading down in the dying light

Dying embers over Bodmin Moor

Short walk back to the car with North Hessary Tor and the mast(now lit up) to guide me. Always one of my favourite walks of the year this one. And this one didn’t disappoint


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