Corndon Tor, Leigh Tor and lots in between

A stunning day weatherwise and a perfect time for a walk. This is a good area for seeing different parts of Dartmoor, with classic moorland, mixed with wooded valleys, rivers and some road walking. It provides a walk that is in stark contrast to the normal bleak rolling moorland hills and tors. It was also nice to have some tree cover to get out of the sun for a while. The walk starts out over Corndon Down before dropping down to the West Webburn River and following that to Leusdon through some nice woodland and along the Two Moors Way. On reaching Blackadon Tor and heading to Logwell Rock I then headed further into the woodlands alongside the River Webburn. I should have headed back to Blackadon Tor and then followed the good path. Instead I faffed around looking for paths through the trees which didn’t exist. I saw plenty of deer though who were surprised to see me. Once on the right path all that was left was the tough climb up from the river passing Leigh Tor to Aish Tor, and then the lovely walk along the Two Moors Way, high above the River Dart. A walk I would highly recommend.

Start – Bel Tor parking
Route – Yar TorCave Penney memorialCorndon TorCorndon North TorCathanger Rock – West Shallowford – West Webburn Bridge(Shallowford)West Webburn Bridge (Jordan)Two Moors Way – Ponsworthy – Leusdon Church – Blackadon TorLogwell RockLeigh TorAish Tor – Two Moors Way – Mel TorSharp TorLittle Sharp Tor – Bel Tor parking
Distance – 9 miles    Start time – 9.30am    Time taken – 5hrs  Highest Point – Corndon Tor 431 metres
Weather – Sunny and warm

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Sharp Tor as I start out heading up to Yar Tor. Plenty of white fluffy clouds to make for some nice photos.

Its just a short walk to Yar Tor, here looking north to Cut Hill

Looking back to Sharp Tor

Fernworthy Forest and Assycombe Hill standing out in the far distance with Hameldown over on the right

The Cave Penney memorial

Corndon Tor now with Hameldown beyond

I’m on the second cairn now, Corndon North Tor is to the left of this cairn as I look back to Corndon Tor

The north moor stretches out and Cathanger Rock catches the sun on the side of the hill ahead

Looking to Yar Tor from Cathanger Rock

Glorious views from Cathanger Rock

I’m heading down to Shallowford now with the views to Hameldown to accompany me

Through this gate and along the walled lane

The bridge at Shallowford over the West Webburn river

The path alongside the river it was nice to have a bit of shade here

Wild Orchid (I think)

Forder Bridge Cross. The Two Moors Way heads up the road there. Not for me I’m heading out to the left of shot

Along the road you get the odd extended view. Buckland Beacon in the distance

Rippon Tor in the distance

Leusdon Church

I had a rest here inside the church

Blackadon Tor is in the trees there on the left

The view behind Blackadon Tor is superb. Hameldown to the left and Chinkwell Tor to the right

Logwell Rock

This one tumbles down the hill with some huge rocks

This was the most popular flower of the day. Thousands of these. Here I am following a sort of deer track looking for a main path that follows a wall down to the Webburn river

Here it is, the wall is on the right. In truth I should have gone back to Blackadon Tor first and picked up the path and the wall from there

I could have done with a dip myself

Down at the River Dart now for lunch and a paddle to cool my feet off

Picture framed views as I climb to Leigh Tor

Leigh Tor

Aish Tor and more stunning scenery

I’m now picking up the Two Moors Way again, with the Dart valley below to my left. Mel Tor and Sharp Tor to the right of the valley

It was warm walking along here

Mel Tor is up next and then on to Sharp Tor behind

Such a stunning place

On Mel Tor now with Venford Reservoir in the distance

The Dart Valley

A gateway to Venford

After Sharp Tor I headed down to Little Sharp Tor. That is Vag Hill beyond

Sharp Tor from the little one

A last glorious view with Sharp Tor to the left, blue sky above and the Dart Valley below


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