Yoke, Ill Bell and Froswick

I had a choice of a few walks for this day, I could head to Great Gable or maybe pick off some behind Skiddaw. But this time I decided to finish off the Far Eastern Fells. This is my first book of the Wainwright’s that I have finished and one that I thought would be nearer the end of the journey. I had this walk in mind very early on, from the time that I completed Thornthwaite Crag and High Street, I also decided not to do the Kentmere Round, which gives you plenty of scope to make up walks which includes those fells but requires some imagination. This walk however is a simple one, the walk up the Garburn Pass and up to Yoke is one of the best and easiest in Lakeland, For myself, I reached Ill Bell without really knowing that I had ascended to 757 metres and that is credit to the brilliant people who designed these paths. The Garburn Pass, Nan Bield, Gatescarth and High Street itself are all proof that paths can be built to last. The Garburn Pass was a fantastic way up on this walk, in fact both the ascents on the long walks this time around were brilliant, as it hardly felt that I was walking uphill. The only problem was the cloud, the Mountain weather said it would clear early, well it wasn’t quite right. As I walked I was checking the weather which kept pushing back the time that it would clear. As it was it was very frustrating that the cloud didn’t clear until I was descending Froswick, it was so annoying looking up at a clear Ill Bell as I walked along Troutbeck Tongue. All that I can say is I will have to return, its a fine walk and one that would be very easy to replicate, lets hope I get a clear summit this time as the views into Kentmere are supposed to be superb, next time hopefully!

Start – Troutbeck Church
Route – Garburn Lane – Buck Crag – Yoke – Ill Bell – Froswick – High Street (Roman Road) – Troutbeck Tongue – Long Green Head – Limefitt Park – Troutbeck Church
Distance – 9.5 miles    Start time – 8.45am    Time taken – 5hrs 45mins    Highest Point – Ill Bell 757metres
Weather – Cold with cloud down over 500 metres, until it cleared to higher cloud and then some sunshine

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Troutbeck Church from Church Bridge, its early in the morning but there were at least 5 cars already parked

You go through a housing section before the lane opens up a bit to give this view of the Troutbeck valley

As you can see the cloud is down, it was supposed to be clear by 10am, but looking at my phone it was being pushed back to 11 and then midday. the Garburn Pass carries on to the right with Troutbeck Tongue centre left

There is a large quarry just off the Garburn Pass, its just behind this spoil heap here on the right

The quarry on the left, Troutbeck below and Windermere beyond

The Garburn Pass generally is between two walls and makes for easy walking even in the low cloud. Troutbeck village is on the other side of the valley

Keeping an eyes on me

Nearing the top of the pass and Yoke is still in the cloud. As it was the cloud would lower if anything until I was out of the other side.

The sun tries to break through

This is as good as the views got on the way to Yoke

Yoke summit

The summit and the fence, but no views

The tarn between Yoke and Ill Bell

The track to Ill Bell, there was a stiff breeze up here blowing the cloud down to my right

The two towers on Ill Bell. I believe the third has been knocked down which is silly. I know there are people who don’t like man’s influence on the landscape, but why aren’t they knocking down the Kentmere dam or trig points or perhaps all the walls that criss cross the fells. No its the cairns that they target, just not right for me.

No I’m not drunk, and I haven’t fallen over. This is the descent from Ill Bell looking into the mist

Froswick summit, although to be fair I could have been anywhere


Hang on what is this, barely 5 minutes from the summit and Kentmere looks to be appearing

Well that is Froswick which looks to be clearing a bit. Surely not…

Well this is where you turn off to head into Troutbeck and yes it is clear. That’s Wansfell in the distance.

And Kentmere the other way

Where I was the other day. Kentmere Pike has its head cut off by the cloud, but Shipman Knotts to the right is clear

Yes its definitely clearing on Froswick

The descent to Troutbeck deserves a clear view. This vista unveils itself as you descend. The long running ridge in the centre is Troutbeck Tongue

Up to the left is clear summits whilst the valley below starts to show some sunshine

Even Ill Bell up there has cleared

That’s Hagg Gill wriggling away from me, I’m heading up to the right to the Tongue


Thresthwaite Mouth, Caudale Moor is up on the left and Thornthwaite Crag is up on the right

Ill Bell then Froswick and finally Thornthwaite Crag

The summit of Troutbeck Tongue and Windermere beyond

Behind is the view to Thresthwaite Mouth

Red Screes has its head in the cloud still

What a view down into Troutbeck. This was the best part of the walk, coming down from the dip below Froswick, to this point gave fantastic view along the valley, culminating at this point

I’ve dropped off the Tongue here and crossed the river just below the wall over there, I’m now walking out along the valley

This was a glorious path, the sunshine helped!!

Troutbeck Tongue sits bang in the centre here, and despite its low height it demands attention more than the others in this valley

Autumnal scenes in Troutbeck

Walking past the horse riding centre and one final look back

Limefitt Park

Troutbeck Church to finish. And the end of the Far Eastern Fells. That is 163 fells done, which leaves an annoying 51 to do, I was hoping to get below 50 this year and I’m just outside of that, however if I can contrive more walks like that of the Longsleddale Round that I did, then I can complete the 214 a bit quicker than I plan.


6 thoughts on “Yoke, Ill Bell and Froswick

  1. Nice post though shame you didn’t get the views as they are excellent. I’ve yet to do Froswick as I ran out of energy. Not done Thornthwaite Crag either so will likely look to link up the two.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I loved how close the three of those are together, can’t be more than an hour to get from Yoke to Froswick (just checked my times on the photos it was 1hour 5 mins). I’ll be returning to these alongside Skiddaw, Loadpot Hill, Wether Hill, Wansfell and Great Mell Fell where I haven’t seen the views from the top also!!


  2. A grand walk and fond memories for me. My first proper walk in the Lakes back in the day (not counting an aborted attempt to climb Helvellyn in a storm). A cracking ridge of prominent peaks.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I loved the route up along the Garburn Pass and the descent towards Troutbeck Tongue, the views are fantastic, just a shame that I couldn’t see it from the high peaks. Troutbeck is probably my favourite valley alongside Newlands in the Lake District so I’ll be back to see those views for sure

      Liked by 1 person

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