Belstone Tor, Steeperton Tor and back over Cosdon Hill

A walk over some of the high spots of the north moor, setting out from Belstone with the plan to get up to Steeperton Tor and then back possibly over Cosdon Hill. The weather looked good on the reports with mainly high cloud and some sunny spells which makes this area really a great place to go to. Come here when the weather is poor and it isn’t much fun as the fantastic view will be missing. I’m a fan of the views across Taw Marsh both from the Belstone Tor side and also from the front of Steeperton Tor looking down and out along the Taw as it wriggles through the marsh. We also visited Wild Tor again, which was my second visit in 2 weeks after also passing there when I finished my Dartmoor 365 squares at the Walla Brook, before we headed up to Cosdon Hill for the superb 360 degree views. All that was left was a lovely pint from the Tors Inn in Belstone, which actually was outdoor benches and bar next to the pub, the warm weather though made this a perfect stop off before the few hundred metres back to the car. A lovely walk and a fine pint to finish.

Start – Belstone parking

Route – Watchet HillTors End Tor – Belstone Common TorBelstone TorIrishmans WallHigher TorLower TorKnattaborough TorOke TorKnack Mine FordSteeperton TorWild TorHound TorWhit Moor Stone CircleLittle Hound TorCosdon HillBelstone Cleave Bridge – Belstone

Distance – 10 miles    Start time – 9:45am   Time taken – 7hrs  Highest Point – Cosdon Hill 550m

Weather – Bit of sun to start, then mainly cloudy and breezy, still reasonably warm

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Belstone village itself at the start of the walk, we had parked in the main car park, walking the Tarka Trail to start with up towards Watchet Hill
Leaving Watchet Hill and heading up to the tors. Tors End Tor is first up
Looking back down to Belstone Cleave and out across East Devon
Tors End Tor, Watchet Hill is down there on the right and North Devon beyond
Taw Marsh from Belstone Common Tor, Belstone Tor itself is up there on the right of photo. The dark photo in the distance is Steeperton Tor which is where we turn around
Belstone Tor, jumbled piles of rocks everywhere on this tor
Belstone Tor, looking down to Belstone Common Tor
Crossing the Irishmans Wall, which separates Belstone Tor from Higher Tor. Looking across to Cosdon Hill which will be at the end of this walk
Higher Tor, this tor a wall of rock, stacked high and a contrast to Belstone Tor. However with this one you will approach from behind the tor here, and look down the steep front
Lower Tor is the last one of these 5 tors which are tightly packed together,starting at Tors End and finishing here. Next we head out along the ridge towards Oke Tor
Passing by Knattaborough Tor and looking back up to Lower and Higher Tor
Oke Tor was next up, one of the best tors on the moor, especially the western facing side
Linda looking at the stacks of Oke Tor
Heading down to Knack Mine Ford now, we will follow that path heading up the hillside before turning back and left and ascending Steeperton Tor
Knack Mine Ford down to the left as we switch back and up towards Steeperton Tor
Off the front of Steeperton Tor, that’s Cosdon Hill back right with Belstone Tor plus others back left
Left to right at the back High Willhays, Yes Tor, West Mill Tor and Rowtor
The large whale back of Hameldown in the distance as we leave Steeperton Tor
A quick down and up and we were at Wild Tor. Steeperton Tor is left and our route to Cosdon Hill on the right
I was down there 2 weeks ago, the Walla Brook wriggles across the low ground and then loops around the back of Watern Tor which is on the right hand edge of this photo
Looking across Taw Marsh to the Belstone Tors from Hound Tor
Whit Moor Stone circle and the roof of Devon beyond
Little Hound Tor looking back to Hound Tor and Hangingstone Hill is the high point at the back
Rock stacks at the top of Cosdon Hill, even in the cloud skies the views from here are still wonderful
Cosdon Hill trig point
Lovely skies as we descended from Cosdon Hill through some long grass, boggy ground and gorsey bits. Also a lot longer than I remember to get down to the Taw and the bridge across to get back to Belstone village
Picking our way through the challenging terrain, Belstone village always in view
Belstone Bridge over the river Taw
The large green at Belstone, the pub is behind me, time for a pint at the end of a great walk and one of my favourite out and back loop walks on the moor

3 thoughts on “Belstone Tor, Steeperton Tor and back over Cosdon Hill

  1. So that’s what that walk looks like on a nice day. I did this walk on an utterly terrible day about 5 years ago when the weather forecast told me it would stop raining about four hours before it actually did. I got an absolute soaking, one of the worst days I’ve been out in many a year. Thanks for letting me know what I could have won! 🤣

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