Bigbury, Hoist Point and Ayrmer Cove

A birthday walk for Linda and a day off work as a bonus. This was a return visit to a brilliant part of the coastal path on the South Devon coast between Bigbury and Mothercombe, plus the lovely village of Ringmore. The walk along the coastal path is a classic rise and fall route, with plenty of drops down to a beach, followed by a rise up to a cliff top. The views are superb normally but on a day like today they were just perfect. This route took us inland across the fields towards Scobbiscombe and into the village of Kingston, before a lovely path took us across towards Castle Farm and back to Ringmore. It’s a walk of highlights, starting with the village of Ringmore itself and its thatched cottages, then some leg burning climbs to reach a path to take you down to Burgh Island, you then join the coastal path and walk around to Ayrmer Cove, before an up and down to Westcombe Beach. Then the leg punishing climb to Hoist Point, which is the highest point on the South Devon coast. We then headed in towards Kingston and the lovely villages and hamlets of Devon. The finish was a quick visit to the church in Ringmore, before a walk past the thatched cottages again. All done in glorious sunshine, not bad for the end of February.

Start – Ringmore

Route – Bigbury on Sea – South West Coastal Path – Ayrmer Cove – Westcombe Beach – Hoist Beach – Scobbiscombe – Kingston – Castle Farm – Ringmore

Distance – 7.5 miles    Start time – 11.30am   Time taken – 5hrs Highest Point – Scobbiscombe 114metres

Weather – Gloriously sunny all the way for the birthday girl

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Thatched cottages to start on Ringmore, a lovely village
Daffodils in Ringmore
Challaborough holiday park is below, we need to climb the slope on the left first though, the legs get a workout!
We were blowing a bit by this point, Challaborough is below and the coast is heading away to Stoke Point
We had hit the top of the cliff and before descending towards Burgh Island we took in the views. Bigbury Beach to the left and Bolt Tail at the back. The rocks at Butter Cove stood upright
And a wider view as we head down to Bigbury
Burgh Island dead ahead, the 1920s hotel is up for sale I believe, previous occupants include Sir Winston Churchill, Agatha Christie, Noel Coward and King Edward 8th and Mrs Simpson
This friendly robin was partial to a biscuit
Burgh Island, tide is out currently and heading out as well as the sand bar widens
Challaborough Beach, Stoke Point away to the left
The white cliffs ahead have Hoist Point above them, we have a couple of drops and climbs before then though
Ayrmer Beach below after the first climb is completed
Looking back to Burgh Island
Westcombe Beach below this time as we stop half way up the second climb. Linda admiring the view back
The bright white slate cliffs shine in the sun, Hoist Point above
Hoist Point and what a view
And again, this is the actual top spot of Hoist Point but the views are better from 100 yards that way
We are heading part way down the hill and then heading inwards to the right alongside those trees, heading towards Kingston and Scobbisombe
One last look along the coast towards Burgh Island and Bolt Tail
Crossing the fields inland
The keen eyed will spot the southern end of Dartmoor in the distance
Snowdrops in Kingston
Walking the fields towards Ringmore
We had walkied through this valley woodland and then climbed up to Ringmore
This view to Ayrmer Cove as we reached Ringmore, lovely sunlight hitting the sea at the cove
Ringmore, All Hallows Church
And to finish inside All hallows Church, I loved the painted wall over the arch, a lovely way to finish a lovely walk for the birthday girl.

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