Leeden Tor

The weather was good, me and the boys had eaten lunch and a quick stroll was in order. Despite the youngest’s protests!! Leeden Tor is barely a 10 minute walk up from the busy car parks on the B3212 but the views up to Cox Tor, the Staple Tors and Princetown are brilliant. Especially if the weather is sunny and warm. Spring might just be on the way!

Leedon Tor 1

Views to Eylesbarrow in the east as we start the climb to Leedon Tor

Leedon Tor 2

Looking north and west, Cox Tor and the Staple Tors just right of centre from the same spot as the last photo

Leedon Tor 3

Brotherly love

Leedon Tor 4

Cramber Tor and Eylesbarrow

Leedon Tor 5

Leeden Tor summit ahead

Leedon Tor 6

Topping out on the summit rocks!!

Leedon Tor 7

North Hessary Tor and the mast with Great Mis Tor to the left

Leedon Tor 8

Bit further left and Great Mis Tor on the right this time, with the Staple Tors centre and Cox Tor left

Leedon Tor 9

Lovely views across western Devon to Cornwall

Leedon Tor 10

Back to the car with Sharpitor in the background


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