Avon Dam and Grippers Hill

Another week in Devon where the weather was better in the week (when I was in work) than it is at the weekend (when I’m not). This weekend strong winds, of around 50mph, were forecast, however I thought I’d see what happened regarding the weather. As it was, some sun shone in Plymouth and I figured I would see what happened. I drove through heavy rain on the A38 around Ivybridge but as I arrived at Shipley Bridge it stopped! A walk to Avon Dam was planned and possibly up to higher spots if the weather stayed that way. No rain fell which was good, however the cloud was never far above and the wind was strong on the tops, but at least I got out. The spring lambs were out on Dartmoor, a couple were very brave and ran over to see who I was!!

Start – Shipley Bridge
Route – Avon DamGrippers HillShipley TorShipley Bridge
Distance – 3.5 miles    Start time – 4pm     Time taken –  1hr 50mins    Highest Point – Grippers Hill 398m
Weather – Very, very grey, low cloud and windy
© Crown copyright 2014 Ordnance Survey FL 2014 SF

© Crown copyright 2014 Ordnance Survey FL 2014 SF

Grippers Hill 1

Shipley Bridge and the River Avon from the start of the walk

Grippers Hill 2

Looking back to Black Tor from the path that leads to Avon Dam

Grippers Hill 3

Turning round to see part of Grippers Hill ahead

Grippers Hill 4

Avon Dam

Grippers Hill 5

And again from higher up, the little bump in the distance behind Avon Reservoir is Redlake

Grippers Hill 6

Inquisitive little lambs!!

Grippers Hill 7

Eastern White Barrow from Grippers Hill

Grippers Hill 8

Ugborough Beacon beyond the cairn on Grippers Hill

Grippers Hill 9

Looking down to the Avon valley, the river Avon and my outward route

Grippers Hill 10

Shipley Tor comes into view

Grippers Hill 11

Black Tor above the trees from Shipley Tor

Grippers Hill 12

Brent Hill from Shipley Tor, all that was left was to drop down off Shipley Tor and cross the River Avon to get to the car


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