Cosdon Hill round to Belstone Tor

The first proper long walk this year, with the clocks going back, daylight is longer and the weather is getting more favourable. I have neglected the north eastern corner of Dartmoor, particularly around Belstone so this was a walk to put it right. I took in 9 new tops, plus a couple of stone circles for good measure. The walk back through Belstone Cleave was nice, although the last couple of miles along the road were tough on already tired legs! Cosdon Hill was a real highlight of this walk, the views from the top are unbelievable in every direction. I’ll be back soon for sure.

Start – South Zeal
Route – Cosdon HillLittle Hound TorWhit Moor Stone CircleHound TorWild TorSteeperton TorOke TorKnattaborough Tor Winter Tor Lower Tor – Higher Tor Irishmans WallBelstone TorBelstone Common TorTors End TorNine MaidensWatchet Hill – Belstone Cleave – Sticklepath – Finch’s Foundry – South Zeal
Distance – 12 miles    Start time – 10.45am     Time taken –  6 1/4hrs    Highest Point – Cosdon Hill 550 metres
Weather – Sunny, bright, cool breeze. Lovely!
© Crown copyright 2014 Ordnance Survey FL 2014 SF

© Crown copyright 2014 Ordnance Survey FL 2014 SF

Cosdon Hill 1

Stunning views looking back down to South Zeal at the start of the walk

Cosdon Hill 2

You can see the north coast of Devon from up here, especially on a day like this

Cosdon Hill 3

First views across to Belstone Tor as I climb Cosdon Hill

Cosdon Hill 4

Cosdon Hill summit and a jaw dropping view south

Cosdon Hill 5

Yes Tor above the cairn on Cosdon Hill

Cosdon Hill 6

Zooming in on Haytor from Cosdon Hill

Cosdon Hill 7

Hangingstone Hill the high point at the back, with Hound Tor in the sun in the mid distance

Cosdon Hill 8

The path to Little Hound Tor

Cosdon Hill 9

Looking back to Cosdon Hill

Cosdon Hill 10

Whit Moor Stone Circle with Yes Tor and High Willhays behind, Steeperton Tor to the left

Cosdon Hill 11

On Hound Tor now looking back to Cosdon Hill

Cosdon Hill 12

Higher Tor and Belstone Tor on the right with the sun catching West Mill Tor

Cosdon Hill 13

The path to Wild Tor, Fernworthy Forest on the left

Cosdon Hill 14

Fantastic views to Cosdon Hill right and Belstone Tor on the left, Taw Marsh is the valley in between

Cosdon Hill 15

Wild Tor summit stacks with Hangingstone Hill in the distance

Cosdon Hill 16

Steeperton Tor is the next target

Cosdon Hill 17

What a view!!

Cosdon Hill 18

I’ve seen a fair bit on the moors but red horned devil sheep were new on me!!!

Cosdon Hill 19

Steeperton Tor summit

Cosdon Hill 20

High Willhays and Yes Tor still in view

Cosdon Hill 21

Military hut and flagpole on Steeperton Tor

Cosdon Hill 22

Taw Marsh below, I’m walking the ridge on the left next

Cosdon Hill 23

Hangingstone Hill above the summit of Steeperton Tor, Steeperton gorge on the right

Cosdon Hill 24

On Oke Tor now looking along the ridge to Belstone and Higher Tors, Taw Marsh down on the right

Cosdon Hill 25

Oke Tor summit looking back across to Steeperton Tor

Cosdon Hill 27

Cosdon Hill over on the right across Taw Marsh, the river Taw can be seen wriggling through the marshy area

Cosdon Hill 28

On Knattaborough Tor looking back to Oke Tor

Cosdon Hill 29

Great views from Winter Tor to East Mill Tor with Yes Tor top right

Cosdon Hill 30

Distant views to North Devon from Winter Tor

Cosdon Hill 31

Lower Tor on the right with Higher Tor behind, heading to both of these now

Cosdon Hill 32

Not much distance between Higher Tor (where I’m stood) and Belstone Tor (over there)!!

Cosdon Hill 33

Standing on Higher Tor with Lower Tor below and East Mill Tor behind and Yes Tor top right again!

Cosdon Hill 34

Looking back to Steeperton Tor, Oke Tor and Wild Tor

Cosdon Hill 35

With a bit of zoom this time on Steeperton Tor

Cosdon Hill 36

Green fields of Belstone farm with Yes Tor and West Mill Tor behind, taken from Irishmans Wall

Cosdon Hill 37

On Belstone Tor looking back to Higher Tor

Cosdon Hill 38

Breathtaking views

Cosdon Hill 39

Belstone Common Tor is next, a short walk away

Cosdon Hill 40

In reverse, looking back up to Belstone Tor

Cosdon Hill 41

That’s Tors End Tor down there which is as it says, the end of the tors!!

Cosdon Hill 42

Just past Tors End Tor lies Nine Maidens with Yes Tor again in short on the right, the pointy bump on the side of the sloping hill is Winter Tor, where I was around 30 minutes ago

Cosdon Hill 43

Despite the Okehampton range starting around Knattaborough Tor, there is a flagpole on Watchet Hill to warn walkers coming up from Belstone of the firing times

Cosdon Hill 44

Even though the height has dropped somewhat down from Belstone Tor there is still a good view north

Cosdon Hill 45

Belstone Cleave below with Belstone Tor above as I make my way along the path towards Sticklepath village

Cosdon Hill 46

Its a fair walk back from Belstone to South Zeal, but there’s a couple of nice pubs and this pretty church in the village to finish off a lovely day on Dartmoor


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