Huccaby Tor

First walk back after being away for a few days in Snowdonia, which showed up the differing terrains in these two places. Dartmoor with its boggy ground, grassy hills and, more often than not, gently sloping tors. Against Snowdonia with its bare rock, steep climbs and many Llyns (lakes). Both in their own way have stunning scenery, however today it was tough to see very far as the haze was especially bad. Still I was out and it didn’t rain and I visited an old favourite and a new tor for me. Laughter Tor was one of the first tors I climbed back in Nov 2013 and its a tor that gives good 360 views for its modest height. Huccaby Tor was a new one for me and one that probably won’t go on my top 5 tors!!

Start – Dunnabridge beside B3357
Route – Laughter TorLaughter Tor Stone RowHuccaby Tor – B3357 – Dunnabridge Pound –  Dunna Bridge – B3357
Distance – 3 1/2 miles    Start time – 2pm     Time taken –  2hrs    Highest Point – Laughter Tor 420m
Weather – Cloudy and very hazy
© Crown copyright 2016 Ordnance Survey FL 2016 SF

© Crown copyright 2016 Ordnance Survey FL 2016 SF

Huccaby Tor 1

Grey and hazy, looking over to Higher White Tor far right and the pointy Longaford Tor from the start of the walk

Huccaby Tor 2

I’m heading for Laughter Tor on the right, that’s Bellever Tor on the left

Huccaby Tor 3

Nice of the police to set up camp beside my car, make sure you look after it now lads!

Huccaby Tor 4

Looking back to the car park on the hill, I’ve just crossed a bog in the dip between my car and here, safe to say it wasn’t like Snowdonia was last week in there, its definitely Dartmoor

Huccaby Tor 5

Huccaby Tor in the mid distance with Ryders Hill looming behind

Huccaby Tor 6

On Laughter Tor, looking across to Corndon Tor and Yar Tor

Huccaby Tor 7

The flat topped Hameldown Beacon from the same place

Huccaby Tor 8

And north to Bellever Tor and Bellever Forest

Huccaby Tor 9

Laughter Man

Huccaby Tor 10

Heading down to Huccaby Tor

Huccaby Tor 11

Huccaby Tor and some sun on Ryders Hill

Huccaby Tor 12

Still grey the other way though, looking back to Laughter Tor and Bellever Tor behind to the left

Huccaby Tor 13

Nice colours across to Ryders Hill

Huccaby Tor 14

Walking the B3357 road to Dunnabridge, Huccaby Tor up on the left

Huccaby Tor 15

It might be June but these guys are still out!!

Huccaby Tor 16

This youngster was giving me the evil eye!

Huccaby Tor 17

In the middle of Dunnabridge Pound

Huccaby Tor 18

The Judge’s Chair

Huccaby Tor 19

Back on the road crossing Dunna Bridge

Huccaby Tor 20

Looking back to the Pound, the circle behind the trees

Huccaby Tor 21

Final shot looking to Bellever Tor left and Laughter Tor on the right


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