Bench Tor

Time for a quick walk today and back to my favourite stretch of water on Dartmoor. Last time I was here I headed up to Ryders Hill from this point, however today was a more leisurely walk, with barely any ascent to talk about followed by a lovely circuit of the reservoir. Bliss.

Start – Venford reservoir parking
Route – Bench Tor – Venford Dam –  Venford Reservoir – Venford Reservoir parking
Distance – 2 miles    Start time – 11.30am     Time taken –  1hr    Highest Point – Bench Tor 313m
Weather – Cloudy and very hazy
© Crown copyright 2016 Ordnance Survey FL 2016 SF

© Crown copyright 2016 Ordnance Survey FL 2016 SF

Bench Tor 1

Very hazy today, here looking across to Corndon Tor and Yar Tor as I start out

Bench Tor 2

Just up from the car you cross this leat which takes water to the Farms at West Stoke

Bench Tor 3

Venford Reservoir is in the trees with Ryders Hill beyond

Bench Tor 4

Bench Tor ahead

Bench Tor 5

On Bench Tor which is perched high above the Dart Valley

Bench Tor 6

A few people up here today

Bench Tor 7

Venford Reservoir now in view

Bench Tor 8

Great views along the Dart Valley from here even in the haze

Bench Tor 9

Pointy Sharp Tor across the valley with Yar Tor to the left and Corndon Tor to the right

Bench Tor 10

Now down at the reservoir, stood on the dam

Bench Tor 11

The view back to the dam end of the reservoir

Bench Tor 12

Hardly a ripple on the water as I reach the car again


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